You've been Publicly Shamed By:Jon Ronson Pages: 282

This book is about the author going around, and interviewing people who had been publicly shamed and getting their perspectives on why they did what they did. It's a book about the modern day life, in which publicly shaming someone is normal, and it's becoming more and more done by people. The people that got shamed were people who didn't mean any bad intentions but were humiliated horribly. Lot's of these humiliations consisted of regular people getting on social media and tweeting horrible things to them. Making these flawed human beings like any other human being feeling completely terrible. This books gives the idea how shaming other like it's our place when it's not, is just a part of our culture when in reality is shouldn't be our part to go out of our just to embarrassed someone for their mistakes.

I really liked this book because it was the truth. By truth I mean it was filled with real stuff that happens to everyone on a daily, and that is that everyone has their embarrassed moments here and there at some point. I believe many famous people don't want to point that out to the world because it's not something you liked to talk about plus this book also includes people admitting to things they weren't so proud of and I liked how it was so honest with the audience. There was nothing that was sugar coated and everything was genuine.

“But we know that people are complicated and have a mixture of flaws and talents and sins. So why do we pretend that we don’t?” (Ronson 225).

“There is nothing I dislike more in the world than people who care more about ideology than they do about people.” (Ronson 165)

"Universal among the violent criminals was the fact that they felt ashamed–deeply ashamed, chronically ashamed.” It was shame every time. “I have yet to see a serious act of violence that was not provoked by the experience of feeling shamed or humiliated, disrespected and ridiculed.” (Ronson 237)

"He meant that we all have ticking away within us something we fear will badly harm our reputation if it got out-some... maybe our street is actually nothing horrendous" (Ronson 31)

"Vile, disturbing idiots playing with someone else's life and then laughing at the victim's hurt and anger" (Ronson 7-8)

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