William Shakespeare By Anthony Scalia


William Shakespeare was a brilliant writer who lived over 400 years ago. His life was based in Europe. More specifically, two cities. He grew and had a family in Stratford. He owned property here and lived with his family. But for work, he worked in London. London was known as the center of English Theater. He was an actor and director of many plays


William Shakespeare was born on approximately April 23rd, 1564 (though nobody knows the the exact date for sure). He was the oldest brother in his family. He had three younger brothers, Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund. He also had two younger sisters, Joan and Anne. Sadly though, Anne passed away at the young age of 7 years old.

Training and Education

As Shakespeare had grown up in Stratford, he attended Stratford's Grammar School. He took Latin classes. This included memorization and writing. This continued on until the age of 15. He also continued to work in London. He was an actor in many classic Latin plays. He actually had often purposely taken the second lead. Many of the plays that Shakespeare acted in were his own.

Acheivement 1 (Plays)

We already know that William Shakespeare was an intelligent writer. He actually wrote 37 plays in his lifetime. Some of these very popular plays included "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "Julius Caesar", and "The Tempest". At the time, most of his plays were acted out in the Globe theater. And a lot of the time, William Shakespeare would be a part of the cast. A lot of these plays are still acted out today.

Achievement 2 (Sonnets)

William Shakespeare had written a very large amount of poems. Shakespeare was one of the best to write a type of poem called a sonnet. To be completely presise, 154 sonnets. A sonnet is a poem that is exactly 14 line. The Rhyme Scheme must be A,B,A,B, C,D,C,D, E,F,E,F, G,G. Usually, a sonnet presents some sort of problem within the first 12 lines and answers or finds a solution in the last two. Shakespeare was a master in writing these poems and is the most famous writer of sonnets.

Achievement 3 (Relevancy)

Just the fact that William Shakespeare is still relevant and talked about today is a major achievement. Only a few writers ever become famous enough to be able to be talked about decades after their death. His brilliant mind and astonishing ideas that were used to create the magnificent works of art keep his legacy alive. The many plays and sonnets he wrote are continued to be read by thousands of people today.


William Shakespeare achieved a lot in his life. He was one of the best writers of his his time, actually of all time. Shakespeare was a very intelligent person who wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets, and is still being talked about today. Shakespeare was a magnificent person.


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