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Welcome to my illustration portfolio!

I've selected a few examples of work which showcases a variety of styles. I always enjoy a good challenge and look forward to a new one that can take my skill to the next level.

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Personal doodle



When I draw for children's books and comics I prefer to use digital illustration. The layering capabilities allow me to play with styles until I find what I like. Working digitally also makes it much easier to implement changes for clients, which is always a factor to consider for demanding projects.

Naughty boy creeps up to his sister and...well hopefully it's clear what happens next : D

children's books

Below is an example of a character I developed for a client to show how I would interpret their brief, before they contracted me to do a series of stories.

Fortunately they approved and below are some images from one of the projects I completed.

medical illustration

Bridging the gap from inpatient rehabilitation to sustainable health and wellness in spinal cord injured individuals...


Caricatures can be anything from a 10 minute sketches to a high resolution digital painting.

Digitally painted caricatures

Hand drawn illustration

Digital illustration is great fun, BUT sometimes there is nothing better than the freedom of ink on paper!


Caricature; pencil and ink on paper. This caricature is of a client from the company, Jincom HSE communications, where I worked as an Illustrator, Creative director and later as a Business development manger over the coarse of 9 years. For more information about Jincom please visit www.jincom.com

The best part of doing caricatures are the reactions you get from people! People LOVE it!

Caricatures I did at Safety & Health Expo 2016 in London, at the Excel centre.


The cartooning I demonstrate here can be used for white board illustration, the very popular hand drawn animations, live performance drawing at a meeting/conference, company newsletters, digital marketing or to communicate a concept or idea. Choose one of my characters, or let's develop a new character that will suit your story!

choose a character...OR LET'S DEVELOP ONE YOU LIKE!


I've worked in different areas of comics for 9 years; conceptualizing, illustrating, inking, colouring and creative directing on a variety of projects. I've spent most of my time directing comics, but below is a snippet of a story which I scamped, illustrated, inked and coloured.

The Blue Print of Africa: The Case of Biamenso By Gerard Ngwang Copyright © Gerard Ngwang 2011
Some chosen pictures I did for Inktober 2017, an instagram challenge started by the illustratorJake Parker

Follow me on instagram to see regular updates of my progress and growth as an illustrator at @coba_illustration or see my painting work at @coba_artstudio on instagram.


I am also a portrait painter...but more about that later!

Contact me!

Oil paint on canvas


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