Ms. Grace Dolores Ed 202 ePortfolio, fall 2016

Part One: About Me

Section One: Philosophy on Education

I'm Grace Dolores, a sophomore at LSU in Shreveport. I graduated from Plain Dealing High School in 2014 and I am currently working on becoming an elementary teacher. In the community, I believe the teacher's role is to motivate students and parents on the importance of education. I think it's really important to get both the parents and community involved in schools because it shows the students that they have a lot of people supporting them. In the classroom, it's also really important for teachers to motivate children. I think teachers should help the students in making sure they succeed, but to also challenge them and get them ready for the "real world." As an upcoming teacher that believes in the progressive philosophy, I think it's really important for us to base the information we teach on the needs and interests of the students. I believe that all students have the capability to learn, even the kids that are having a hard time. I don't think there is a right or wrong way for kids to learn; each kid is different which means they all have a different way on comprehending the information. As a progressive teacher, it's really important to meet the students' needs in how they learn. To be an effective teacher, you need to understand that you yourself will be a student for the rest of your life. Like students, teachers are constantly learning everyday. On a daily basis, teachers are learning different ways to motivate their students, learning different ways on how to properly teach them, and so much more. As an upcoming teacher, my overall goal is to make sure students are excited about learning and to challenge them so they can succeed in and out of school.

Section two: educational technology philsophy

Technology is very important in the classroom especially now since everything seems to be technology centered. As a teacher, it's important to incorporate technology in your classroom as well as knowing how to properly use the latest technology. I personally think that technology plays a huge role in the classrooms. Technology allows us to show our students videos based on our lessons, allows us to further the resources our students can use, and it also allows us to communicate to our students when we are not in the classroom. As a teacher, I plan on taking advantage of the technology that I have in my future classroom. For example, with Google, I will use that to give my student's their homework, class work, or any type of work. I think it's better to use Google Docs instead of paper because everyone has access to a computer and it won't be wasting paper. I will use different apps in my classroom like Kahoot to assess my students. When I expose my students to a new app, website, or any other form of technology, I will make sure they know how to properly use it. Before I decide to use a specific type of technology or app, I will make sure I know how to use it so I can teach my students. Using different types of technology in the classroom is a good way to ensure that you are not hindering a child's education.

Part Two:Standards

A. Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard One: Facilitate and Inspire

This is the controller that my team and I designed to control our video game that we programmed by using scratch program.


Above is a video that I took showing our video game that we programmed. Before taking this Education class, I have never used the program Scratch before or even played with "wakey wakey". It was really fun and different from all the other technologies I have worked with. Although I never used scratch before, I was not completely oblivious to creating programs because in high school I was on the robotics team and we had to write programs for our robots, we just used a different program.

B. Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Two: Design and Develop


I knew that when I chose to major in Education, I would have to write lesson plans. I never really realized why teacher's would always talk about how much they hated writing lesson plans until I had to write one myself. Lesson plans are a good idea because it helps the teacher be more organized, it's just time consuming and you have to put in a lot of effort in making sure it is perfect for your students. When writing my first lesson plan, I learned that you have to take a lot in consideration like how different your students are, especially in how they learn. You also have to make sure you follow the standards while also making sure you cover as much as you can in the lesson you are teaching. My lesson plan is far from perfect right now, but I know that with a lot of practice and writing, I will get better at it.

C. Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Three: Model Digital Age


This project was easily one of most entertaining project we did in this class. I have never worked iMovie before and even though we just made a short movie trailer, it was really easy to use and a lot of fun. Growing up I loved making videos and getting to edit them, doing this project made me realize that I can do this with my students one day. iMovie is a really easy program to teach my students and I know they will have a fun time using this program in my classroom one day.

D. Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Four: Promote and Model


I have never written a newsletter before and using the website smore, made it really easy to write one. Smore is a really good website because it's free and there are so many themes you can choose from. I will definitely be using this website in my classroom.

E. Evidence of ISTE standards for teacher standard five: engage in professional growth and leadership


I think it is a good idea to be Google certified especially since I know that I will be using Google and all the Google apps in my future classroom. Before taking the Google certification test or even before taking this class, I never knew that Google had apps that I could use in my classroom. I never used Google Docs or Google Drive before, and I think both of these tools will be very helpful to me and my students.


Overall, I think this class was very helpful to me. It gave me a lot of insights on how I want to use technology in my future classroom. Taking the Google Certification quiz, it helped me better understand the use of Google and all the helpful apps it has. Learning to use other types of technology like the wakey wakey helped me understand that I need to make sure I know and understand what I am doing before letting my students use it. This class really helped me into getting motivated to use more technology in my daily life and it has me excited and filled with ideas on how I can incorporate technology in my classroom.

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