Going to Found Where was the i

Within the urban sprawl there was a murmur. A pilgrim found himself overjoyed with visions of spectacular lights, bridges, signs, and vegetated concrete. But such fantastical endeavours began by the lighthouse by his home, where he felt a curiosity to see his country land.

a pilgrim embarks on a journey, guided by the compass of the sensual realm

in the pursuit for something--anything--the pilgrim wandered the gravel streets of traditional lunenburg, but lo did the neighbours holler from their sheep flocks whither he was travelling, and the pilgrim responded 'haven't decided', and, again, the neighbours hollered but this time with a trembled in their bodies, 'what do you mean you haven't decided?' 'I mean exactly what I said', and away he went along the gravel road until he encountered the old railroad trail, to which he penetrated unthinkingly and so unthinkingly did he go through the forest as the compass commanded

day turned into dusk with a cottony candy glow

and the neighbours looked through their screens and saw nothing glow

the pilgrim remained in the forest for days

black and white views in hidden swamps

a gloriously vibrant beach the salt in the air which floated upon his tongue and tickled the edges of his now salivating tongue and the sand cliffs course like sandpaper

and when the pilgrim blinked the setting became alien and the sand turned purple the sky a buttery yellow tinged with the cotton candy pink and a lonely traveller walking the coastline

and the pilgrim blinked again and was situated in the enveloping forest again like a blanket rather than a strangling rope and the neighbours were frazzled but tended to their business and the pilgrim indulged in the ecstasies of the sensual compass and felt at home

at last

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