Biogeochemical Cycles Marine Science

water cycle

water circulates between earth's ocean, atmosphere, and land. The water from the ground evaporates in to the atmosphere forming a cloud. The cloud then release precipitation in forms of rain, sleet, or hail. and then from the precipitation the evaporation process evaporates forms clouds. The cycle just repeats it self.

Carbon Cycle

Cycle of reusing carbon atoms in different ways and in areas. process in which carbon travels from the atmosphere into organisms and the Earth and then back into the atmosphere.Carbon cycle consist of carbon traveling back and forth from the environment and the atmosphere. photosynthesis , goes to organic carbon , then it becomes fossils and fossil fuels then root respiration then the factory emissions are releasing c02 and its an repeative thing.

Nitrogen cycle

Three main steps are nitrogen fixation,nitrification, and then denitrification. mostly effects the sediments and the rocks. the biosphere which involves lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere.


Phosphorus Cycle

Describes the movement between the atmosphere lithosphere and hydrosphere moves through rocks, water,soil, sediments, and organisms.rain cause rocks to release phosphate and other ions.the inorganic phosphate is distributed into the soil and water.

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