Story Of My Life glasses to see into my life

My father was the Independence hero of our country, the country of Myanmar. When i was only two years old he was assassinated, only six months before independence. In 1960 i moved with my mother to India, she was appointed the ambassador to Delhi. About four years later I traveled to the UK to go to Oxford University. There I studied philosophy, politics, and economics.

There i met my husband, I lived there as me and my husband raised our two kids. We moved back when my mother became critically ill in 1988. After my mother passed thousand of people crowded the streets demanding democratic reform. I was chosen to lead the revolt against the dictator. I was inspired by non-violent reforms of US civil rights leader Martin Luther King and India's Mahatma Gandhi. However our demonstrations were brutally suppressed, and the army who had suppressed us took power on September 18th, 1988.

In May of 1990 elections took place, and even though i was under house arrest, my people still voted for me and i won. i was kept under house arrest until July of 1995. But due to travel restrictions i has issued i was put back under house arrest in 200 for trying to go to the city of Mandalay. Once again in may of 2002 i was released, only to be put in jail abut a year later. when i was released from prison i was once again put under house arrest. during these years of confinement i was not aloud to see anyone, not even my husband or two sons. Whom all died of cancer during this period. My last period of house arrest ended in November 2010.

I wanted to fight for the independence of my people because the government system wasn't fair, it needed change and i was willing to do whatever i needed to in order to obtain it. In fact, i still would do anything to help my country.

Elections were held in April of 2012. I ran and ended up wining 43 out of the 45 seats. I took an oath in parliament and became the leader of the opposition. In May i got to visit Burma, this was the first time in twenty four years i had an outside visit.


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