Will They Ever Be The Same? Leigh High School

This poster is in the lobby of the gym at Leigh and many would say it's unequal but there are more pictures of the girls sports if you take a better look at it.

There is a trophy case in the lobby of the gym that only has the boys trophies in the case.

Nao Maeshiro , Taylor Yee, and Shelby Tsudama were my teammates on the Girls JV basketball team and we didn't get to keep the bags we used during the season like the boys.

Russell Haller is a basketball player on the boys Jv team and they got to keep their backpacks while the girls returned theirs and are on the couch in the team room as well as the trophy.
The boys had their trophies in the case while the girls have theirs in the team room where no one can see it and it's on the floor
Boys ball cart > Girls ball cart
On the cover of the newspaper it's the boys baseball team when the girls softball games have not been promoted.

Here we have Nella Khachian, form the journalism class, and I asked her some questions and she says that in her opinion that the people who write the articles on sports make it pretty even between gender. Those who write the sports section are Billy Braker, Andrew Aoli, Natalia S, Justin ? , and Tyler Pflibsen.

Evan Cooper, a baseball player and myself (Gillian Ibarra) , a softball player have compared what we don't have and what we do have.

Girls Dugout

This is the girls dugout compared to the boys.

The girls batting cage > the boys batting cage

The girls may have a better batting cage but the boys have 2 while the girls softball team has 1.

Even though there is inequality at this school when it comes to sports I know that it will improve in time hopefully and that the rest of the world needs to catch up and support women's sports.


Shelby Tsudama for the ball cart photos Nella Khachian Russell Haller

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