Claude Monet

La Promenade

Oscar Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840. At age 5 his family and him moved to Le Harve. He grew up in Le Harve with his older brother Leon. There he started to grow a love for drawing. Monet didn't like being held in a classroom at school so everyday he drew in his notebooks. Monet's mother supported his decisions but his father wanted him to go into business. In 1859 Monet moved to Paris and enrolled at the academe suisse. Monet passed away on December 5, 1926.

Reflection in the water

My artwork looks like New York City buildings in front of a sunset of many colors. The subject matter of my piece is the buildings. The title of my work would have to be Reflection in the water. The elements and principles most obvious in my piece is acrylic paint.

My artwork is made from Monet's artwork pieces. Some techniques I used were dabbing the acrylic paint on the paper under the real sunset. 

Monet inspired me for this particular art piece. My art work does not express a personal or social issue in the world. I tried to show happy emotions on this piece.

My goals as an artist is to make the paint blend together perfectly where it is supposed to. This piece partly helped me to reach my goal because the dabbing for the sunset and they mixed together partly. 

I learned that mixing colors helps to make better colors themselves. The final piece is way better than what i would have imagined. This piece has taught me new techniques for future art pieces. 

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