Durafast Charger Michael Laino and Blake Creamer

The Problem

Apples chargers are not reliable and fast-charging. Consumers including us are tired of our phone taking forever to charge let alone when there working!

The Solution

As CEO's of Durafast, we have designed and created a new and improved charger! This charger charges your phone in approximately 10 minutes. Also, this charger is way more durable than the Apple charger.


The tip of the lighting cord that plugs into the iPhone, has a strong plastic bumper. This bumper eradicates the strain on your iPhone charger. This cord also comes in various colors, such as black, white, blue and glow in the dark.

The Brick

This brick contains much more power and can charge your iPhone in 10 minutes. Rather than the regular iPhone charger that has five watts, Durafasts Charger is powered with 20 watts.


Below, our research shows that people want a more durable and fast charger.

Durafast Charger Animations

This is my Hopscotch animation and it portrays the charger I made. All of the lightning bolts show how fast it charges.

This is my comic and it portrays how apple chargers are unreliable and the Durafast charger is better.

Coding Projects

Tinkercad Project

My coding project is a Tinkercad 3-D Durafast Charger that shows the specks and colors of the item. This will hopefully be 3-D printed to more thoroughly grasp the concept of the charger.

Bloxels Game

This is my Bloxels game it includes signs that inform you about the Durafast Charger and the apples are the enemies. There are power ups throughout the game.

Infinity Wall coordinates: 75,195

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