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Kill the Bill

If you didn’t know, the U.S.A has a HUGE military. We have the biggest and best weapons, soldiers and vehicles... But is it all worth it? The United States federal discretionary budget (money for different departments in the U.S) was 1.1 trillion dollars in 2015 and the military got 54% of that money or 598.5 billion. The military gets way too much money from the government and it is really hurting the rest of America. Listen, I know military is important, and I’m not dissing the troops, but can we just tone it down a little.

This chart shows just how much the military gets compared to the rest of the departments in the U.S. (National Priorities Project)

Just to give you a little taste of what the military is spending almost $600 billion dollars annually on: 53, $100 million F-35 bombers. Approximately 10,000, $8.92 million M1 Abram tanks. 188, $211.6 million F-22 stealth bombers. 30, 2.5 billion dollar Virginia Submarine’s and millions of more things. The United States military has 19 aircraft carriers, and the rest of the world only has 12 combined! That’s a little much, no? Just think of where all that money could go. For comparison NASA’s whole 2017 budget is $19 billion. If NASA had more money, we could probably already have humans on Mars!

Within President Donald Trump’s first few weeks of office he has asked congress for a 10% increase ($54 billion) in military spending for 2018. Trump’s call for an increase in military spending was a self proclaimed “historic increase in defense spending,” Which is actually just plain wrong. The percent increase was higher in 2009, 2008, 2002, 2001 and many other years. We shouldn’t be increasing the military by 10% each year, if anything we should be decreasing it by 10%.

Spending so much money on one thing is pretty dumb to do, even if it is the military. It would be better for the country if the government spread the love a little more. Like take a few billion dollars from the military’s budget and putting it into making the schools better in poorer regions of the U.S. In 2017 the U.S Department of Education’s budget is $69.4 billion. Imagine how much of a difference the $54 billion dollars, that the military is getting next year, would do to the education of American youth. If children are the future of the country, shouldn’t we put more money into making their education better?

Trump says that we need to rebuild America’s military, but I just don’t understand that. We already have an enormous military; well actually the biggest. The United States of America spends more money on their military than the next 9 countries, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, United Kingdom, India, France, South Korea, Germany and Japan… combined. That fact alone makes me, as an American citizen feel pretty safe, and wonder why we keep throwing more money into this one department. We don’t need to keep spending all of this money every year when there are many better places for the money to go. We could use the money to better improve the education system in America, set up factories and provide jobs for the American people, help people in need etc., but I guess it's totally worth it to not do those things and instead build a 3 billion dollar boat.

Whoa. (National Priorities Project)

People like Trump say that the military is very important and we should be spending all this money on it. I agree, the military is important to a degree. We already have the greatest military force the world has ever seen, so why do we keep needing to make it so much better? If Trump’s proposal passes there will be drastic consequences to the other industries in America.

With this next call for a increase in military spending taxes will not go up. Which some people will see as a good thing but in fact it could really hurt our country. The money is going to come out of other departments in the U.S. Bill Hoagland, a Republican budget aide in the Senate, said “I don’t know how you take $54 billion out without wholesale taking out entire departments.” 54 billion is roughly 5% of the whole government budget so to get that from other departments is near impossible to do without hurting the American people and their way of life.

Trump’s new proposal is asinine. An increase in military spending will hurt the American people, hurt other American departments and is pretty much useless. Why continue to increase the biggest department we have when there are so many better causes? So to Congress, please, for the sake of America, do NOT pass this bill!


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