My Beautiful Memories By Ithzy Lopez

My mother’s sisters, the people that know exactly how to cheer me up. Luz is the best friend that I could ever ask for.

“Girlies, what do you guys what to do today?” she’d always ask.

“I don’t know. What about walking around Telegraph? ”

“Sure, maybe we can get some pizza at ‘Fat’s’ for lunch”

We sometimes look in the stores and stroll around the campus at UC Berkeley.

Jessie, would sometimes go with us. She is the baby of the family, the youngest sister. Our conversations are always interesting. We sometimes talk about school or friendships. They are both my heros. My idols that can lead me through the toughest times and help guide me through the right path.

My parents will always leave my sister and I with them whenever they just want to go out to dinner or do something together without us. Luz will ask me to make a fun list to write down a list of things that we can do that day and the next. I would always write down the same old things: blanket fort, movie, and popcorn, ice cream, or marshmallows. So, we would make a sloppy fort with bed sheets, blankets, and pillows, and jump like maniacs on the bed. Our excitement would make the dogs bark and howl for centuries.

I would go with Jessie to Berkeley Bowl to buy some ice cream. We always bought vanilla ice cream and oreo cookies, so that we could make it into cookies and cream.

“Get off your phone, Luz!”my sister whined when we got back. “You said we were going to do something fun together!”

“We are, Bonita. We just need to get everything ready first.”

She hates it whenever anyone is on their phone for some reason. On some days, they would pretend to be asleep so that, it will make us think that we took too long… another cheezy Luz trick.

As we play the movie, Jessie would do my sister’s nails, and Luz would do mine. Both, Luz and Jessie would give my sister a lecture about biting her nails.

“You could get manicures with pretty colors. Don’t you want that, Bonita?” That question always got my sister quiet. “I can paint your nails, Titi, but you have to promise not to bite them,” said Jessie. My sister nodded solemnly, “Fine”. We smiled and laughed and just had a fun time. Everyone else was sort of half asleep, half awake, except Luz.

I still remember the warm memories of our good times. Looking around the room and looking at grinning faces, the smell of the nail polish, the taste of all the treats we had that night. The feeling of waking up and exited that I was going to spend the rest of the day with my best friends doing the weirdest things.

She drew on mine and my sister’s faces. I woke up the next day like any other day. I went downstairs, had breakfast, and went to the bathroom. Once I looked in the mirror, I saw what had been done to my face! I had an eyeliner mustache and glasses. On that that day, I don’t think I actually realised that it was an embarrassing thing because I would go to the store like that and tell people that it was a dumb prank! “My aunt did this to me! I was asleep and when I woke up I was already like this!” I said once.

My aunt will always be there for me to get me at of trouble. Luz, I will forever count on, and Jessie, I will always have your trust. They both have inspired me to do great thing and I truly thank them for that. In the end, I just want to say that my two amazing aunts have given me so much to look forward to in life. Our fun sleepovers or just walking around town, I enjoy every little thing that we do.


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