Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa when justice changed all

Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa changed American culture


Jimmy Hoffa became a labor organizer in the 1930s, rising in the Teamsters Union during the next two decades. He played a key role in forging the first national freight-hauling agreement. He was sent to prison in 1967 for jury tampering, fraud and conspiracy. In 1975 he disappeared; he is believed to have been murdered.

(JImmy Hoffa ) http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=jimmy+hoffa&view=detailv2&&id=091DC8E4A233EA723B1F72E11EBA8CEBB90F2629&selectedIndex=7&ccid=IQ%2fTrCyK&simid=608023974302321639&thid=OIP.M210fd3ac2c8a90f82c1fa0afed1b27bco2&ajaxhist=0

He was born on February 14/1913 in Brazil, Indiana. Hoffa left Brazil with her mother and his 3 siblings and moved to Detroit. He left the school and began to work on a loading dock for a grocery store chain to help his family. He did his first and not the last one strike , when some men were discording a truck load and the truck began to fail so they refushed to finish the work. They began a strike and did the first contract for the workers. A few time later he founded an organization of trucks ( Teamsters union)


He wanted to help the Teamsters unión, so he did all he can does to complete that objective, even if it was bad. He began to work with the mafia, that later was involved in his disappearance with more enemeis.


He was sent to prison in 1967 for his crimes.


The crimes began when he become president in the Teamsters union on 1957. The sindicate and more people supported him with 72% of votes.

He tried to have more power, worked with the mafia.... so Kenedy and part of the governmet wanted him in prision for corruption and work with the mafia. Hoffa began to have problems. He went to judment, and he was discovered bribing a jury that was doing research Hoffa´s relaction with the mafia.


He was sent to the prision (1967) but in 1971 Richard Nixon (president) offered him a pardon only if he was not going to participate in the Teamsters union in almost 10 years (1980). He acepted it but lied and tried to be the president of th union again, but the mafia was not happy with that and told him a few times that he needed to go away.

The last time that he was seen was at 30 july on 1975, at a restaurant called "Machus Red Fox" in Detroit. He was going to met "Anthony Giacalone" (an important member of the mafia). Hoffa called his wife and said that nobody appeared to the meeting. That was the last time that he was seen. There are rumors of he was seen entering in a car with mafia members.


Too many people believe that he is death, they believe that the mafia murdered him. The FBI investigated the case and after seven years he was declared " Allegdly dead".


This affect American culture. The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa caused a lot of television programs and films. For example FIST 1978, Blood Feud 1983( A film relacted with the persecution of Hoffa and relactions with the mafia). And the most popular was "Hoffa" 1992.


Hoffa had one wife called Josephine. They had two childreens together called Barbara and James. When Hoffa disappeared James, his son, tried to found him, he did investigations but he didn´t find him. He become president of the Teamsters union, like his father was.


This case was unsolved, nobody knows where he is or what happened to him.

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