Environmental Movement Adilene, jazleny, and Gabe


  • Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” sparked the insight for scientist to research environmental harm done by industries
  • Her book was about DDT a pesticide that was affecting many bird species.
  • Ralph Nader created EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)


In the late 1900s the movement addressed environmental threats created by disposal toxic waste.

Environmentalists turned towards political actions as means to protect the earth

Environmentals demanded a clean and safe environment. In the 1900s the movement addressed environmental threats created by disposal toxic waste

After WWII, Americans wanted a better quality of life. In the late 1960s and 1970s, the environmental movement focused its attention on pollution and promoted cleaner air and water


  • Growing concern for the environment Due to the destruction of natural resources
  • Conservation of the earth was a main focus and goal
  • The new technology and growing businesses provoked concern for the pollution being created


  • The main people that the environmentalist had to deal with were the anti-environmentalists
  • Alan Gottlieb stated that hole in the ozone layer doesn't exist and that chemicals in the air and water don't harm anyone
  • Ron Arnold created the “wise use” movement to deal with timber and mining issues
  • American farm bureau federation had large holdings in the automobile, oil and pesticide industries, and therefore were also against environmentalists


  • WWF (World Wildlife Fund) 2nd National environmental conservationist group formed in 1961
  • Leonardo recently this the non-profit organization
  • President Nixon goes green and passes EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • This was a huge accomplishment in the US as regulations are now made as to how the land will be used.
  • Earth Day: every year on April 22 people around the world demonstrate their support for conservation of the environment


During the early 1900s, President Teddy Roosevelt strove to achieve a conserved environment. He wanted to protect the wildlife and public lands of the country. He achieved this by creating the United States Forest Service. Like the Environmental Movement in the mid 1900s, Roosevelt wanted to conversed the earth specifically the good land he was a head of. Through his efforts, Roosevelt protected around 230 million acres of public land. During the Environmental Movement, and Roosevelt's presidency, efforts were made in not only protecting the environment, but in preserving it.

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