The Changes Of K.B kissin' kate barlow

Kate Barlow's character changes from a sweet teacher to a deadly outlaw.

sweet teacher outlaw

In the beginning, Kate is cheerful and smiling. She gives Sam peaches in trade for onions and fixing the schoolhouse. She reads children poems and gives them an education, and her voice is like the sunshine.

Then, after Sam is killed, she goes a bit crazy and shoots the sheriff.

on top of all that, she becomes a wanted outlaw and murderer, dead or alive.

lastly, when Linda and Charles threaten to shoot her, she says she wants to be dead and commits suicide,using the bite of a yellow spotted lizard as her weapon.

this is how Kate changes from a kind woman to a fierce outlaw, or at least the way I picture it.

Backround Information

A Charles Story

Charles Walker was a rich man who's father owned the lake the lake and the peach trees. He owned a boat and a portion of the lake. Charles was in love with Miss Katherine Barlow. He eventually burnt the schoolhouse, Killed Sam the onion man and shot Mary Lou. Charles also happens to be a spoiled arrogant jerk.

Charles as a young man

A Sam Story

Sam was the onion man of Green Lake. Mary Lou, his donkey, pulled the onion cart. He would sell onions for money and Miss Katherine's spiced peaches. Sam, too, was in love with Miss Katherine. Kate fell in love with Sam and then Charles shot Sam. Once again, Charles is a spoiled arrogant jerk.


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