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The Old State House was built in 1713 at the intersection of Washington and state streets. It is one of the landmarks on the Boston's Freedom Trail. The Old State House is the oldest surviving public building in Boston. This monument is related with Boston because it was used throughout history for Merchant's Exchange, Warehouse storage, History Museum, Public Galleries, Commercial Use, and a council chamber. the declaration of independence was signed in the east balcony of the state house. Throughout the 1841's and the 1881's the state house was used for commercial use. People there included tailors, clothing merchants, insurance agents, railroad line offices and more.

Front Of Old State House


  • When you walk to the state house, you will see that it looks very old. that is because it is over 100 years old!
  • When you are walking to the front, you will see brick floors, and while looking up you will see a gold lion with a crown on top on the freedom trail. Also, you would see a clock with a flag in front. Also, you will see a gold unicorn standing up with a tail.
  • While looking at the Old State House, you will see a top tower on top of the building with windows surrounding it.
The Top of the State House

Paragraphs Of Details

The Old State House has stood as an emblem of liberty in Boston for over 300 years! Built in 1713 to house the colony’s government, the Old State House was at the center of civic events that sparked the American Revolution. It has been used for all sorts of things including a History Museum, Public Gallery, and for Commercial Use.

When you walk to the front of the state house, you will see a lion with a crown, and a unicorn with a tail on the back of it. The lions are used to attract attention, Time Capsule and more.

The old state house has a top part to it. It has glass around it. It is the top part of the building and is probably used to store old items that have been used in the war, or for decorational purposes.






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