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Why Aging Studies At CSUF?

Aging Studies, also known as Gerontology, is a discipline that systematically examines older adults, the meaning of age, and the nature of the aging process by employing methodology from multiple fields, including biology, economics, psychology, sociology, human services, and health science.

Our mission is to provide the learning, research, and practice opportunities that produce outstanding aging specialists who meet the needs of the aging population.

As life expectancy increases, the demand increases for professionals who comprehend the issues associated with aging and can apply this knowledge in serviceable ways. Aging Studies provides students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking tools to appreciate and address diverse concerns of adult development and aging.

At CSUF, we offer a minor in Aging Studies, a timely and marketable addition to any major. We also offer a Masters in Gerontology for those who want to become experts and develop enhanced professional skills necessary to support the aging population.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Aging Studies?

The unprecedented growth of the older population has created a demand for well-trained specialists with knowledge and expertise in the field of Aging that surpass the proficiency level generally gained from one's primary discipline.

Expanded career opportunities in Aging Studies and geriatrics are forecasted for many disciplines and professions. Whether you are interested in advertising, technology, medicine, pharmacy, sports science, dentistry, nursing, public service, or other fields, a background in Aging Studies can increase your skill set and help you market yourself.

For this reason, many consider completing a Master of Science or Minor program in Aging Studies before applying to medical school, law school, or other advanced degree programs.

Learn More About a Degree in Aging Studies

We encourage you to learn more, and find out if a degree in Aging Studies is right for you! Visit our website or call to speak to a Aging Studies Program adviser who can answer all of your questions, and help lead you down the right path.

Talk to an Adviser

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  • Or call: 657 278 7057

Alumni Features

Kelly MacRae

Opened her own business, Superior Aging Care, a senior concierge service

Since completing her thesis and graduating from CSUF, Kelly has opened her own business, Superior Aging Care, a senior concierge service that provides non-medical assistance and companionship. She has been working with the older adult population for over ten years. Starting in the field as a care provider and then moving into care management, Kelly worked for a family taking care of their elderly father. The family offered to pay her school tuition while she continued to manage the father’s care.

Kelly had already received an undergraduate and graduate degree in education from CSUF. She spent time working as an elementary school teacher, a stay at home mom, and a few part-time jobs. Intrigued by the aspects of aging and what happens to our bodies and mind as we age, she returned to CSUF to pursue the Master in Science in Gerontology. Her thesis, “A phenomenological study of adult-daughter caregivers: Their health and subjective well-being,” looked at women as family caregivers and the ill-effects of providing long term care for a family member. Her research involved working closely with families and utilized attachment theory as a framework for looking at the relationship between adult children and their elderly parents. Kelly said that her project helped her to under-stand family dynamics in a deep way and the difficulties of supporting a family member in the home for long-term care.

For Kelly, starting her own business has always been in the back of her mind as something she wanted. It took Kelly four years to complete the Masters of Science in Gerontol-ogy program, but she stuck with it. “When you get a Master’s of Science in Gerontology from CSUF, it really means something,” Kelly tells me, “if you earn an advanced degree it means you are interested in the aging population and doing something meaningful for older adults.” One of her most memorable courses was GERO 420, Aging and Dementia. She found value in this course where she studied what aging means for people that have the number one chronic condition.

As advice to students on finding a job once they graduate, she stresses the importance of “self-motivation to get going, having confidence in what you learn to put your degree into practice. Having the confidence to carry this degree into a job.” She advises that students do as much field work as possible in different environments to see what fits them as well as take advantage of networking opportunities by going to as many conferences as you can. Also, taking advantage of library resources that are free to students, like software and the writing center.

Kelly has remained committed to dedicating her time and knowledge to implementing creative strategies to meet the needs of older adults. She stays up-to-date on trends in the industry by reading profiles on LinkedIn of people in the field and finds out what motivates them. To find out more about Kelly and her business click below.

“When you get a Master’s of Science in Gerontology from CSUF, it really means something”

Michelle Yerke

Care Manager, Senior Center in Huntington Beach

“Thanks to the CSUF Aging Studies program, I have experienced increased opportunities….”

Years before entering the Masters of Science Degree Program in Gerontology, Michelle earned her undergraduate degree in Human Services. It was that degree which initially lead to a career working with older adults. Her decision to ultimately return to CSUF to pursue the MSG was spurred on by a few factors - the desires to enhance her career and continue her journey of lifelong learning, and because of the program’s excellent reputation within the community.

Michelle credits the program with improving her career in a variety of ways. “Since earning an MSG I have continued my career in Care Management with enhanced ability to lead our team and provide excellent service to older adults in my community” she says, adding “the Gerontology program at CSUF is close-knit, lending to increased networking opportunities and connections to other professionals.”

Lori Davis

Director of Care Management, Attentive Home Care

“I feel my degree in Gerontology has legitimized me as a professional in the senior industry and contributed to my understanding, respect, and empathy for our aging population.”

Lori found the Aging Studies Program out of a desire to become more effective in her job. After receiving her undergraduate in Art Education & English, she was hired as a Care Supervisor by Attentive Home Care, a company that provides private duty home care to seniors. While her degree likely helped her to land the job, she felt that she could really benefit from further education that focused on aging and dealing one on one with older adults.

Her hunch paid off, as she went on to become a Care Manager Certified (CMC) with the same organization, and eventually the Director of Care Management. Additionally, she believes that her MS in Gerontology played a pivotal role in her acceptance to a Masters Degree Program in Social Work.

Lori’s current goal is to distinguish herself as a Geriatric Psych Social Worker. And by having the credentials, knowledge, and experience needed to address mental health issues in senior populations, she is certainly closing in on that goal.

Contact Information

  • 657 278 7057
  • agingstudies@fullerton.edu

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