Home sweet home

First of all this house is not only futuristic but old at the same time, the home furniture is in the "old style" like victorian couch, chair, desk...

One of it futuristic aspects is the gaming room. This room has big holographic screen and floor to really put you in the game. This room is special because you are the character you have to run, crouch, shoot... to play the game. The room has some movement capter that transfer your move to the game. So you don't need any controler because you're your own controler.

Another special aspect is the automatic audio system. What it does is that it is playing music automatically when you ask it to do so. The only con is that it is only playing metal, classic and rock.

This house has a little thing pretty unique. There's a reproduction of a tropical forest. Your are probably asking yourself why? Well the house come with a selection of animals but not the common one so am not talking about dog, cat or anything like that. I mean animals like a black or white jaguar, it can be a tiger, anything that live in a tropical forest basically but don't worry the one you'll be choosing isn't wild anymore. So it's just like a big cat.

One of my favorite things about this house is the satanic room. Yes you read it well a satanic room. Not a common thing but hey why not!? Basically in that room there's some satanic bible, a reverse pentagram(draw on the floor), some witchcraft stuff and some alchemy things. But don't worry this room is hidden in the house, the emplacement changes from owner to owner. You're the one to chose where you want to put it so no one knows about it... unless you show it to someone then.... it's you're problem ;)

The kitchen is a pretty important thing in a house so of course it is a little special. Like I mention in the beginning all of the home furniture is victorian style and so is the kitchen but with a little touch of futuristic. There's a automatic coffee and tea maker, so you can or ask for it (can be at distance(but still in the house) or not) and It will make it or just, set it at a specific hour and you'll have coffee or tea at the time you set it. Here a special thing for lazy people (or just the one that are bad at cooking) the kitchen has it's own cooking chef but of course not a human but a robot. This little guy can make everything just ask and he'll make it! And if it's not good then blame yourself cause you chose it!

If you like colors then this house may not be you're best choice because there is only colors like black, silver, dark brown and dark red or purple So if you like colorful thing this isn't for you.

I know you're asking yourself " what about the bedroom!?" Well there isn't that much to say but of course it is in the victorian style ;) but this is not it! The roof has a special screen that permet you, at night, to see the sky, it is not the actual sky but it is a reproduction of what it aproximatly look right now. So if it's rainy It will look like it's raining, but don't worry the reproduction is pretty realistic so it look like the roof is gone, but of course is not! ;)

For all the creative and artistic people out there here something for you ;) In this house there's a artistic room, basically it's a big room with some work table, paint stuff, drawing stuff and all the art stuff. For the musical artists there's also some instruments so there's a part in this room with a lectern, a piano and other instruments you'll be choising. Of course creativity is not always easy so there's some couch for you to relax or just think of what you could do next! And for the cosplayers there's some manequin, tool, some fabric, a sowing machine and all of that stuff for you to create your best cosplay!

I haven't talk of the bathroom because honestly it is a basic bathroom... the only thing is that it's cleaning itself.

So if you are looking for an old style house but still want some knew technology in it, this is for you! Especially if you are a lover of darkness then you shoul by it right away, cause this is for you ;)


Created with images by Joachim_Marian_Winkler - "tiger siberian tiger cat"

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