The ReVamp: Blog Submission Guidelines

Let’s put first things first: THANK YOU for submitting your blog post idea! If your idea has been approved by a member of The ReVamp, continue reading below for some helpful tips and tricks to write a piece you’ll be proud of.


What kind of blog post are you interested in writing? Perhaps a feature story about a new business you’re excited about? Or maybe a list of funky brands you love seeing pop up on your Instagram feed! Maybe you want to write a personal account of what gets you excited within the world of fashion. Whatever the topic may be, it’s important that you begin with deciding upon a structure.

Here’s an example of one our blog posts where we LIST items:


Here’s an example of a FEATURE STORY:



For The ReVamp’s blogs, we like to use the Associated Press Stylebook. AP Style is used for news and mass media writing, and those in the fields of public relations, broadcast journalism, and digital / print news all ascribe to this style. The principles of this style are accuracy, consistency, clarity, and brevity.

Some blog posts require a more formal tone, such as news and feature stories. Other posts, like personal accounts and goofy lists do not necessarily have to be so formal. Feel out the piece you’re writing and adjust your tone depending on what direction you’d like the article to go.

For a helpful guide on how to write in AP Style, check this link out: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/subject_specific_writing/journalism_and_journalistic_writing/ap_style.html


Quotes from relevant sources can add valuable context and background information to your piece. If you’re writing a feature story or a news article, quotes are crucial. Not only do they add flavor to your story, they also add credibility to the message you are conveying to the reader.

• Pick subjects that are relevant and whose insight can add depth to the story.

• Once you have introduced a subject using their full name, only refer to them by their LAST name further on in the story.

• If using direct quotes, make sure you accredit the subject.

EXAMPLE: “We totally love scarves,” said Jessica Wilson. “Scarves get me hype as hell.”

• When paraphrasing, still include the name of the person you are paraphrasing.

EXAMPLE: Wilson says that scarves are the most important fall accessory.


For all blog posts, we try to include AT LEAST 3 images. These could be photos of the subject you’re interviewing, the business you’re writing about, a funny .GIF that drives home your joke, a chart displaying info you’re relaying to the audience, really anything. Images are crucial in that they give our readers a visual aid to understand the story better. Any images you find online that are NOT yours should be accredited to the original source. Not doing so is plagiarism; ALWAYS CITE YOUR IMAGES!!!

The way we do this with our blog posts is that we will include a photo caption

directly under the image with the source included.


Award-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar. Photography by Annie Leibovitz.


It’s important to conclude the story you’ve written in order to give our readers a sense of completion! A few sentences wrapping up the article can accomplish this. We also ask that you include relevant links to the work of the person you’ve interviewed, the event you’ve written about, and also mention upcoming The ReVamp events. Links to these keeps our readers clicking and helps them learn more about our events and the amazing people that take part in them.

We also sign off every article with the same signature:


The ReVamp

The conclusion, suggested links, and signature all round out our content in a satisfying way!


• Make sure links you include are active and take you where you intended for them to take you (especially Facebook and Instagram page/event links)

• Be mindful of using proper pronouns

• Look out for those sneaky things that spellcheck won’t catch. For example, proper nouns such as designer names, venues, or brand names.

We hope this guideline has given you a framework of the kind of content we’re posting on The ReVamp’s blog! We are so EXCITED to see what kind of submission ideas you have. Show us what you’re pumped to write about and get published; we’ll be here to help you along the way! Send your completed blog post to: therevampswap@gmail.com


The ReVamp


***If your blog submission has three or more of the above guidelines incorrect, we cannot accept your blog post. We will ask you to make revisions and resubmit***