Newsletter - Wednesday 6th March 2019

Pastors' News

This term at Chapel we are looking at the word movement, what it means to be a movement and how to be part of it. And for most people, it is hard because it requires them to step out of their comfort zone. But take courage, you're not the only one. Before Jesus created this movement called "Christianity", first of all, he had to call his Disciples to come out of of their comfort zones in order to join Him and change the world. The Bible says in 1 John 4:16 that God is LOVE and a movement founded on love always makes a difference in the lives of others.

For us here at Wahroonga Adventist School, that movement is Jesus. I want to leave you with a message from one of our teachers Mr Dunne, "God wants to push you beyond your comfort zone and join the movement where miracle happens". I'm in, will you join in?

School News

Building Update

Over the past 2 weeks the new Junior playground has been installed. The pretend creek and sandpit area has transformed into an amazing play area with just the final touches being completed over the next few days. The playground equipment has been completed ready for the soft fall rubber installation. The students have being very excited as they watch intently the progress of the new play space.

Enrolments for 2020 & 2021

If you have a child/ren who are interested in attending our school for 2020 or 2021 please contact the office for a form as we will shortly be interviewing students on the wait list for these years. Please note this is for new students who are not currently enrolled in our school.

Marketing Photos

We will have professional photographers on site tomorrow to take photos for marketing purposes. Please ensure your child/ren are dressed neatly and in correct uniform.

Cafe - Level 3 on Fox

The Year 8 Café class for Semester 1 is proud to present ‘Level 3 on Fox’ – a Café run by Year 8 to serve our school community. We will be open on Monday and Friday afternoons from 2 - 2:50pm in the Textiles room.

Café allows students to build on their food preparation skills and teamwork, as well as giving them confidence, skills and experience to serve others in a café environment.

If you choose to visit us, please make sure you sign in at the front office before you make your way up to the Textiles room on Level 3. We look forward to having you join us!

Primary School News

Primary School Swimming Carnival

We held our Primary School Swimming Carnival on Sunday 17th February at Pymble Ladies College Aquatic Centre. The carnival was a great success, the day was enjoyed by all who attended. A HUGE THANK YOU to all our parent helpers, teenagers and teachers who made the day a great success.

Congratulations to the following Primary School students who were Age Champions & Runners Up and to the Primary School students who broke records at our School Swimming Carnival

  • 5 Years Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Leighton E & Annabelle J V R
  • 5 Years Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Declan C & Hamish C
  • 6 Years Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Eden M & Sophia W
  • 6 Years Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Kynan B & Jacob T
  • 7 Years+ Girls Novice Champion & Runner up - Jasmine L & Sophia T
  • 7 Years+ Boys Novice Champion & Runner up - Rafael S & Aqueel B/Jeremy Wu
  • 6 Years Girls Champion - Lucy M
  • 7 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Harper W & Madeleine B
  • 7 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Levi L & Lachlan P
  • 8 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Emma V/Olive G & Emmalee H
  • 8 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - William S & Jude S
  • 9 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Claire H & Shivon C
  • 9 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Logan L & Max M
  • 10 Years Girls Champions & Runner up - Madeline P & Isabel P
  • 10 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Thomas S & Nicholas L
  • 11 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Salani S & Abigail M
  • 11 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Eli M & Hayden L/Ashton B
  • 12 Years Girls Champion & Runner up - Eliza M & Amelia R
  • 12 Years Boys Champion & Runner up - Kenneth P & Riley T
  • Encouragement Awards - Madeline C & Elijah P

New Swimming Records 2019

Congratulations to the following students who broke records at the Swimming Carnival this year

  • 11 yrs Girls 25m Butterfly 17.81s Abigail M
  • 9 yrs Girls 50m Breaststroke 54.15s Claire H
  • 9 yrs Girls 50m Backstroke 50.86s Claire H
  • 9 yrs Girls 4 x 25m Medley 1.47.91 Claire H
  • 12+ yrs Boys 100m Freestyle 1m22.29 Kenneth P
  • 10 yrs Boys 50m Breaststroke 48.69s Nicholas L
  • 11 yrs Girls 100m Freestyle 1m.21.36s Salani S
  • 10 yrs Boys 50m Freestyle 35.60s Thomas S
  • 10 yrs Boys 50m Breaststroke 48.69s Thomas S
  • 10 yrs Boys 50m Backstroke 43.45s Thomas S
  • 10 yrs Boys 25m Butterfly 18.55s Thomas S
  • 10 yrs Boys 100m Freestyle 1m22.80 Thomas S
  • 10 yrs Boys 4 x 25m Medley 1m31.15 Thomas S
  • 8 yrs Boys 25m Freestyle 18.24s 2019 William S
  • 8 yrs Boys 25m Backstroke 22.97s 2019 William S

Clean up Australia Day

Last Friday, junior students and their teachers did their bit to help clean up the Wahroonga Estate as part of “Clean Up Australia Day”. Armed with gloves and rubbish bags we split up around the Estate looking carefully for the little bits of rubbish that often get overlooked. At the end, the rubbish was collected and the big kids sorted it into piles. We were proud to do our part in helping our environment.

Chloe D and Heidi C

Primary School Events

ASISSA Swimming Carnival

We have 28 students representing our school at the ASISSA Swimming carnival to be held at Warringah Aquatic centre on Monday 11th March, 2019. They will be competing against 16 other schools from across Sydney. The Carnival will commence at 9.30am and should conclude around 2.00pm. Warm up will be from 9.00 – 9.25am. ALL students need to be at the pool 1 hr prior to their event if travelling by car.

We wish our students all the best at this very competitive level.

Forms and money were due back on Monday 4th March, if your child hasn't returned their form and money please do as ASAP.

Life Education Van

The Life Education Van will be visiting our School from Monday 11th March 2019 (excluding Wednesday 13th March) to Tuesday 19th March 2019. This will be for Prep to Year 6. Topics include:

  • Kindy: My Body Matters
  • Year 1: Ready Steady Go
  • Year 2: Safety Rules
  • Year 3: All Systems Go
  • Year 4: Cybersafety
  • Year 5: On The Case
  • Year 6: Decisions

For any parents interested in how Life Education supports your children's health, or for programs and resources, follow the link: www.lifeeducation.org.au/parents. There will also be a parent information session in the van on Monday 18th March from 2.30pm-3.00pm for any parents that may be interested.

School Banking

Band Camp - Years 3 to 6 - 3rd to 5th June 2019

Band Camp is being held 3rd to 5th June 2019 for students in Years 3 to 6 at Crosslands Convention Centre, Galston. Application forms were handed out to students last week, additional copies are available in the School Office. If your child would like to attend, please ensure your child's completed application form, along with payment, is returned to the School Office by Thursday 4th April 2019.


Middle & Senior School News

Year 7 & 10 Serve Breakfast

On Wednesday 20th February our Year 10 students welcomed the Year 7 students into high school and the Invictus Wellbeing program with the Serve Breakfast. The Year 10 students prepared and served pancakes, cereal and cheese toasties as a part of their focus on service in their final year of the Invictus program.

The Year 7 students' focus is on networking and team building, it was awesome to see relationships develop and connections made between the two cohorts over the breakfast.

While the food service was great, this wasn't the only gift the Year 10 students had prepared; they also gave the Year 7 students their Invictus journals with a personalised message written within.

Thank you to our staff who helped to make this event a success and to our Year 10 students for serving. To our Year 7 students - we look forward to seeing you grow and succeed as you step into the high school journey and the Invictus Wellbeing program.

Basketball Trials

On Wednesday the 13th of February, Eve J, Salani S, Sasha C, Abigail M, Thomas S, Eli M, Raphael Y and Nicholas L represented WAS at the ASISSA Basketball trials held at Sydney University. The trial was a great experience for our students, all of whom demonstrated an excellent effort. Well done to Salani, Eli and Abigail who were chosen to be a part of the ASISSA team.

On Friday the 22nd of February, Salani S, Eli M and Abigail M progressed to the CIS basketball trials. It was an eye-opening experience with 40+ girls and even more boys competing for positions on the state level team. The students were run through tough drills and exercises. Once again our students represented themselves and the school with an excellent effort. This year was not their year, however, they were able to learn and grow, ready for next year.

Top techniques set students up for success

On Wednesday last week, students in the high school were fortunate to have ‘Elevate’ come and deliver their top study and work techniques in a series of workshops with Years 7-10.

With each year group, Elevate covered different ground so that students gained knowledge and skills in the areas relevant to them.

Year 7 learned the basic study skills needed for high school and their topic was ‘Study Skills, Kick Off.’ They learned how to be organised, how to take notes for their study and how to dedicate time for study and assessments. A student from year 7 said “We learnt how to organise our stuff better & I found the whole class very useful and I enjoyed it very much”. This student also said that he very much enjoyed the program and he could not wait until next year when Elevate will come again. We were told by the Year 7’s that they learnt to study harder, to take more notes and to concentrate more in class.

Year 8 covered ‘Junior Time Management’ where they learnt how to allocate time to the different areas of their lives such as sport, social life, hobbies and technology, through the use of a planner. Elevate focussed on how to manage examination and assessment deadlines, the importance of regular revision and the necessity of planning and scheduling. The three main points Year 8 gleaned from the day: plan out assignments in advance; find time to do the things that give your life balance; and spend time in regular revision and review. “I was impressed with how simple and easy it is to be time efficient when you plan ahead,” said one year 8 student.

The Year 9 students learnt how to memorise all their study notes using many different methods, such as the ‘pegword’ and the ‘journey’ methods. They also learnt different ways to study more efficiently, such as turning off the phone, not listening to music, working in a quiet area with no distractions, being mentally prepared to learn and taking good quality notes. The year 9 students said they liked the presenters because they are young and easy to relate to, and that they learnt many skills that they could use all through their lives. Overall, the Year 9 students enjoyed this informative session and will use these skills to help them in their study and beyond.

In the Year 10 Elevate session, students learnt how important notes are in their school and work life. They found that using loose leaf paper in folders is a simpler way to categorise notes and that using colours in notes makes it easy to look through them quickly and see the relevant parts that are needed. Elevate also taught students the importance of regular revision and that practice test questions helps prepare them for future examinations and tests. One student reported “The points were simple and easy to remember. I am already putting my new techniques into practice only a week after the session.”

Students are now following up on these study techniques in their classes and are encouraged to continue doing so at home.

Written by Year 8 Journalism class

Year 6 Surf Day - Thursday 28th February

The Year 6 Surf Day was held on Thursday, 28th February at Manly Surf School, Long Reef. Surf day was the best, it was so much fun to experience surfing. The coaches did a great job with teaching us how to surf properly. Everyone had a great day in the cool water. Heaps of people had trouble carrying the surf boards because they were so big but it was still heaps of fun. As soon as we began to surf so many people were standing up and they were looking like real surfers. Everyone is so thankful to all the surf coaches. We hope we can do it again.

Written by Grete, Scarlett and Annie

Mountain Biking & Student Acknowledgement

The Mountain Biking program for 2019 is well and truly underway with our first ride taking place at the "H20" trail at Westleigh on Sunday. Parents and students enjoyed some skill building games & laps of the trails with a variety of different route options for beginners and advanced riders. It is great to see our keen young riders improving their fitness and bike skills with each ride. The next ride is planned for Sunday the 31st of March at Old Mans Valley in Hornsby. Please contact Mr. Starrett if you are not already on the mountain bike riding mailing list.

In other mountain biking news, year 9 student Andy Roberts competed in his first official Enduro mountain bike race on Sunday February 17th. The Enduro races at Ourimbah, on the Central Coast, are an excellent progression from the social school mountain bike rides and mini-events. Andy had a successful day, showing the fitness to complete the race and executing clean runs down each of the technical descending trails - well done Andy.

Seqta Engage - Years 7 to 10

Seqta Engage is the School's Parent Portal which allows High School parents to log in and view their son or daughter's academic results, lesson outlines, timetable, upcoming assessments and school documents.

Families with students new to the school have been sent information on how to set up Seqta Engage. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Middle School Office.

Students Out of Uniform

Just a quick reminder to please provide a signed note if your child is not wearing their complete school uniform. Please ensure your note is signed and that it lists all the uniform items your child is missing that day. Students need to give their note to their homeroom teacher when they arrive at roll call.

Upcoming Middle & Senior School Events

Senior School Day of Worship - Thursday 7th March 2019

Our Senior School Day of Worship is scheduled to take place on Thursday 7th March 2019 at Castle Hill SDA Church and Hills Adventist College. Students need to be at school ready to depart by 8.30am, full school uniform is to be worn. Permission notes were sent home last week, if you are yet to sign and return it to your child's homeroom teacher, please do so asap.

Year 8 Practice Hike - Friday 8th March 2019

On Friday this week, 8th March, Year 8 students need to meet at School ready to depart at 7am for their practice hike through the Royal National Park. Detailed information of what the students need to bring is available on Skoolbag. If you have any questions please contact Mr Starrett on chris.starrett@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

CSSA Zone Swimming - 13th March 2019

Selected students have been asked to represent the School at the CSSA North Met Zone Swimming Carnival to be held at Warringah Aquatic Centre on Wednesday, 13th March. Permission notes were sent home last week are due back to the Middle School Office by Thursday, 7th March.

Scholarship Information - Year 7, 2020

Wahroonga Adventist School is offering three academic part (50%) scholarships for entry into Year 7 in 2020, scholarships awarded will follow through from Year 7 until Year 12. We encourage all students entering Year 7 in 2020 to apply.

The scholarships awarded to Year 7 students are for applicants who achieve excellent results on the ACER Scholarship Exam.

The exam will be held here at school on Monday, 29th April 2019. Students can register online by going to our Acer Scholarship Page, please visit the link below.

The exam fee is $100 due at the time of booking. The closing date to sign up for the scholarship exam is Thursday, 11th of April 2019.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Below is the link to our upcoming calendar events. Just click on the link below to access it.


Library News


Book Fair will run from Wednesday, March 20 – Monday, March 25 (8.00 am – 4.00 pm & Thursday until 6.00 pm) in the School Library. Please come and enjoy the giant range of children’s books from Scholastic. Purchase books for your personal use, for gifts, or you can select books from your child’s class wish list and donate them to their classroom.

** There will be no book exchange in the Library during the Book Fair so please keep your books at home and return them the following week. Tuesday classes will be rescheduled in order for these classes to attend while the Book Fair is on.

Book Fair Dress Up Day

Friday, March 22 is your chance to get creative with dress-ups. This year we have a Beach theme – so please get adventurous by creating some beautiful beachy costumes! Crabs, seagulls, seaweed, coral, shells, lifesavers, surfers – anything goes, just so long as belongs at the beach!!! Every participant will be rewarded. Year 5/6 participation is optional!! Please note that this is a dress up day, not a mufti day, so if you choose not to dress up please wear school uniform.


The Premier’s Reading Challenge website (https://online.det.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.htm) is now active for the 2019 challenge. On this website you can read about the challenge, check the rules and regulations, access the extensive book lists, read the privacy policy and access your child’s reading record. Please use the same username and password as last year. If you have forgotten your username and password email me at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au – however, for future reference please keep a record of this password as it will be needed each year your child does the Challenge. If you have no internet access keep a list of the titles (and ID numbers) of the books read, and when finished hand it in so I can enter your child’s list on-line.

If you are new to our school your child/ren’s usernames and passwords will be sent out with an accompanying information sheet this week. If your child has completed the challenge elsewhere please contact me at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au with the details of those challenges (which school and which years) and I will contact the PRC team and have your challenge history brought over to our school.

After only one day of internet access I am pleased to announce that we already have 3 students who have completed the challenge. Congratulations to Iris L (KE), Tiffany L (3K) and James L (7W) – excellent reading!

Canteen News

We are still looking for volunteers. Mum’s, Dad’s and Grandparents are all welcome. Anything from 30 mins to a couple of hours any day of the week we would love to see you. No experience is needed, just the willingness to help, chop, pack bags and serve our lovely students. If you are interested or have any spare time please jump on to https://www.volunteersignup.org/RCYP3 or pop in and lend a hand.

Canteen Assistant Position

With the school growing rapidly and the continuing expansion of the high school the Wahroonga Adventist School Canteen is looking for an energetic, passionate and enthusiastic assistant.

Position and Employment

The Canteen Assistant will work closely with other assistants and the supervisor by providing assistance in the day to day operation of the Canteen. This is a fast paced environment that involves, service, food preparation, handling and cleaning. This position is located on site at Wahroonga Adventist School in the Canteen facility.

The position is permanent part time, starting from Term 2, 2019. Hours may vary; however, a guide is 9am-3pm. The position is for term time only.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Provide assistance to the Canteen Supervisor in preparation of all meals.
  2. General cleaning duties ensuring the Canteen is working in a clean and efficient manner.
  3. Window service for lunch and snack service to the students.
  4. Deliver lunches efficiently and on time.
  5. Assist and brain storm menu ideas with the Canteen Supervisor.
  6. Assist the Canteen Supervisor for special school events upon request, such as carnivals / social events etc.
  7. Display excellent time management skills.
  8. Comply with health and safety policies, procedures, hazard reporting and safe work practices.
  9. Have a strong commitment to the values of Wahroonga Adventist School.
  10. Hold a current Working with Children Check for school employment.

We would like the successful applicant to complete a food handling online course as part of their employment. This is a short course adhering to the food and safety standards.

Please outline the knowledge and skills you bring to the position of Canteen Assistant along with an updated Curriculum Vitae including names and contact details of 2 referees.

Interested applicants are to submit their application by email to the Principal, Michelle Streatfeild at info@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au

Please note that applications close on Monday 25th March 2019.

Bits and Pieces

Castle Hill Adventist Youth - Week Long Event - April 12-20

More details to follow.

Mandarin For Kidz

Marian Street Theatre Drama Classes

Kids up Front April Holiday Camp

Code Camp

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

Parenting Workshop

The Adventist Media ministry "Mums At The Table" are presenting a Parenting Workshop, which is all about building and strengthening resilience in children. The speaker is renowned author and psychologist, Collett Smart. It is being held at Fox Valley Church on March 19


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