Beginning Art Portfolio Ashleigh Draft

I took art in order to hone my skills. I really love drawing, and I'm hoping to make a living out of it in the future. Last year, in 8th grade, I also took an art elective. I was shocked by my progress, and was hoping to get even farther this year. This year's class did not disappoint. I learned a lot more about negative space and how to change it to fit my pieces more realistically.

Contour line showed the spacing in the images. Blind contour made us recognize the spaces in our picture from the spaces in our brain.
Positive/Negative space: This piece was really eye opening for me. I had never really thought about the negative space around my drawings before.
This is the hand I drew before I learned anything in class.
This is the hand I drew after I learned more about complete shading. I love how much more realistic it looks.
This piece feels like a missed opportunity, but an important one. I realized the importance of focusing on a detail instead of drawing everything. I do like how close it looks to the picture in terms of line. Everything seems to be in its proper space.
This is a drawing from one of my favorite T.V. shows, Doctor Who. I really enjoyed drawing something that meant a lot to me as well. The vanishing points weren't as difficult as I thought. The lines make sense. Drawing while using them was fun.
Our Zentangle Project
This fish really showed me how to highlight in a way that makes it look better, not to just highlight according to the reference. I do feel I need to work on texture to show exactly what the piece is.
This piece is my favorite. I really enjoyed shading the different folds of fabric. The skill in value has greatly increased since the beginning too. I also loved drawing one of my favorite singers, Brendon Urie.
I feel like this piece just brought everything that we've been working on together.
This was my self portrait before we learned anything,
And this was after. I noticed how much more complete my art looks now. The darker darks and major highlights are showing. I took much more time and patience on this one, and it definitely payed off.
This is our final project. I feel like this one looks more complete, with better shading. Definitely a good way to end the year.
I also noticed a difference in my everyday art too.

The most important lesson I learned in art was the importance of shading. The way you shade, or add value, is important. I improved most on getting rid of that sketch-like quality In my drawings.

End of Portfolio!

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