Rhetorical - Expressed in terms intended to persuade or impress
Rhetoric core areas

1) Theoretical rhetoric - concerned with analysing, using and developing principles and criterions of evaluation within subjects such as argumentation, communication.

2) Practical rhetoric - concerned with concrete communication and text production within all genres and media from planning to execution or publication.

3) Historical rhetoric - investigates rhetoric theory and praxis of the past - often regarding them as resources for contemporary theory and praxis.

Rhetorical Devices


Definition - compares two things by stating one is the other

Example - The eyes are the windows of the soul.


Definition - repeats a word or expression for emphasis

Example - Love, real love, takes time.


Definition - places a noun or phrase next to another noun for descriptive purposes

Examples - Mary, queen of the land, hosted the ball.


Definition - makes an idea less important that it really is

Example - The hurricane disrupted traffic.

By Hannah and Shelby

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