Moandain Designs Home of the Video game Warlock

This is me, Moandain.

Some of you may know me from World of Warcraft on the Runetotem server.

Others may Know me from my YouTube channel or even my Twitch streams.

I am also on Instagram showing my pickups and older games.

I mainly communicate with people on Twitter these days so you may know me from there.

I love video games and it shows in my everyday life.

I started playing when I was young to help overcome my dyslexia that interfered with the communication between my hands and my brain.

I was not a serous collector until I turned 16. Now it is years later and I have a collection that I am truly proud of.

I would love to share my stories and knowledge of everything I have learned during my journey as a video game collector.

As you can see I have a large collection but no game room.... yet.

I have big plans for everything and look forward to when I have room to create something really special.

Some of my projects for my game room are already completed.

Like this wonderful handheld gaming tower.

And my custom vinyled System selector my wife helped me with.

Would you like to find me online?

Below are links to my social media, and other things.

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