Adhya's Poems about poems

my personification poem about my pencil .

My pencil looks like a rocket.i sometimes keep it in pocket .i sometimes feel my pencil is talking and i sometimes feel my pencil is talking .sometimes my pencil knocks at the door.he says i want to write more .my pencil thinks he's as hard as a nail and i sometimes feel take him to jail

my Limerick about a cat

there one was a beautiful cat. who loved taking naps on her mat. she was eating mouse bars. and din't feel other on her hat

my family is just like a pencil box

mom is a scale because she wants everything perfect. dad is a pen who writes a lot but sometimes stops. sister is a pencil which never stops talking on the phone. cousin brother is a sharpener which never stops throwing things everywhere. me i'm the pencil box making everyone happy.


s-simply found in the ocean

h-hard to brake

e-extremely colourful

l-look very beautiful

l-live in the ocean and are found on the ocean

s-sea shells are very famous in many places

compare and constrast poem


Created with images by stux - "snail shells arianta arbustorum schalenweichtiere"

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