The Trojan War Madison viau

What is the Trojan war? Well the Trojan war is a Greek myth. The war was between the greeks and the people the lived in Tory.

How did the war start and end? The war began after kidnaping the queen Helen from her by the Trojan prince Paris.

Who were the major player if the Trojan war? Ajax was the suitors of Helen. Agamemnon who is the leader of the forces. Clytemnestra is the wife of Agamemnon. Ipignia is the daughton of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. Caspar Andrea is the princess of Troy. Hector is the trojan prince and the major leader of the war. Andromache is the wife of hector. Those are some of the major people who were involved in the war.

The odyssey was a great attack. They had tricked the enemies into bringing over a trojan wooden horse within the walls of troy and there were trojan war fighter inside the halo war horse. The Greeks had been planing the attack for nine years.

`who is Homer? Homer is normaily the author of the ancient Greek mythical pomes. He was to be one of the greatest and first greek writers.


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