Cloud County, Kansas

Cloud County was named after Colonel William F. Cloud

The County clerk is Shell Thoman

Brian Marks sheriff

4 cities Clyde (703) , Concordia (5,395), Glasco (487), Milton (526).

VIPs John Seymour, James N Hagaman, John B. Rupe, and Moses Heller organized the cities in this county.

The most common jobs in my county are sales, office, and administrative support.

Major events: Sarah white the was captured August 13th 1868 and taken all the way to Texas she was finally rescued March 19th 1869. During 1864 Indians would raid the county and people were forced to leave. Cloud County had a German prisoner of war camp, the camp was for which offered housing, mess facilities, recreation, and hospitalization.

Important land marks: Nazareth Convent and Academy Building, the Harris Building, Cloud County Community College, and the Brown Grand Opera House.

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