Harn Museum of Art Rachael Borman

Faunesse debout (Standing Fauness)

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist: I chose Faunesse debout for my Medium of Art piece because of the backstory behind the piece. Auguste Rodin was asked to create the Gates of Hell Project, a doorway to the Musee d'Arts Decoratis in Paris. By the time that he died, Rodin never had the chance to see the final masterpiece, covered in bronze. Just the amount of detail Rodin put into the one piece, from the clenching of the left fist to the ripples of the bronze beneath the feet, is truly incredible.

Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum: The Asian Art Wing Garden was my favorite wing of the Harn Museum because I find gardens to be so serene and peaceful. I feel as well, most Asian art pieces, such as Buddha,depict calmness, hope, and simplicity.

Road Worker

Art and Core Values: One value I hold immensely is determination. Artist Diego Rivera depicts a man working outside. I believe he uses just simple rice paper and charcoal to symbolize the simplicity of the lower classes in Mexico. The simplicity of the materials used and the man hard at work shows that struggling is a part of daily life, but the road worker is still determined to get the job done. Determination, to me, is so important because without determination, what would get done?

Figuras constructivas

Art and the Good Life: Figuras constructivas, created by Joaquin Torres-Garcia, are two abstracted humans with different geometric expressions. I believe this piece depicts the idea of "What is the Good Life" because there is no universal answer, the good life is abstract. There is no right or wrong answer because everyone has different opinions based on different experiences. The Good Life could be as simple answer for one or an abstract thought for the other.

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