INhalants Amanda Hough & Brooke Stetson

Table of Contents:

  • History of Inhalants
  • How it's made
  • Ingredients
  • How its used
  • Short and Long term effects
  • Influences
  • Treatment
  • Street Names
  • Works Cited

Common House Hold Items

-Industrial Glue

-Nail Polish Remover


-Whipped Cream

-Cooking Spray


Most often abused by younger teens during experimentation

Definition of Inhalants : "Although other abused drugs can be inhaled, the term inhalants is reserved for the wide variety of substances including solvents, aerosols, gases, and nitrites that are rarely, if ever, taken via any other route of administration" - OC Serene Rehab Services

History Of INhalants

The use of substances go back to ancient times where people inhaled spices, oils and chemical vapors to change into a different state of mind however there was a rapid incline in use in the US around the 1800's when nitrous oxide became a common go-to for many groups of people.

These are man made and typically not considered drugs by everyday people because that wasn't their original intentions.

Ingredients of the drug include any of the following:

-Volatile Solvents (Marker tip fluid, lighter fluid, Paint thinners)

-Aerosols (spray paint, hair/deodorant spray, vegetable oil sprays)

-Gases (butane lighters, Propane tanks, medical anesthetics like laughing gas)

-Nitrites (sold in small bottles named "video head cleaner" "leather cleaner")

How it's used:

Breathing in the fumes of common house items by sniffing or snorting fumes, spraying aerosols directly into mouth or nose, breathing fumes from a balloon, an inhalant soaked rag in the mouth known as "huffing" or inhaling the fumes from a plastic or paper bag, known as "bagging".

Short term effects


Long term effects



-Delusions/Hallucinations----------------Damage to brain cells



On Behavior: Person could have slurred speech and mood swings. Impulses could possibly be out of the users control causing them to lash out violently.

On Relationships: It can effect women's pregnancies causing birth defects and drive divides between spouses.

Treatment Options:

-Individual, Group , or Family therapy

-12-Step education

-Biofeedback & Neurofeedback

The source of treatment can be affected by age, gender, severity and length of problem and more.

Street Names: Laughing gas, Whippets, Poppers, Snappers & Rush

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