Bluebonnets BY kaelyn parson

Nothing Gold Can Stay vs. Bluebonnets

Both of these poems touch up on a very important message:

Embrace what you have while you can, because nothing will ever be like it.

Why did he wright this song

The whole reason Aaron Watson wrote this song was to celebrate what his newborn daughter, Julia Grace, had taught him.

When Watson found out that he and his wife were going to have a baby, they also got a very unpleasant message. There unborn child had a very severe condition that would make the odds of her living to birth less than a million.

They were given a choice, abort now and save them the pain, or pray with all their might and hope she lived. They didn't give up, and by the time the baby was born, they got to hear Julia´s cry once, before she passed away, helping him learn to embrace every little moment before it disappears.

“Singing about losing my little girl Julia Grace will never be easy, but I feel it is something I have to do; after all, she is still a part of me. She taught me more about life in the short time we had her than all I had learned in the previous 30 years. Because of Julia, I strive to make the most of today, clinging even more tightly to my faith and family.” states Watson.

This song can be applied to the Outsiders in helping show the meaning of embracing what you have, as their world changes beneath their feet, making them appreciate what they have.

Thank my dad for the information about this song. - credits for the quote


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