Crab Looking at... by Dr. Denise Bennerson

A visit to St. Croix VI Vegetable Market is always a wonderful event on a early Saturday morning. You never know who you will meet or what you will find. The vegetables and fruits are nice and colorful and the fishermen are hard at work. The buzz among the people says welcome.

Beautiful bright colored pumpkins!
Lemongrass and Mint?
Organically Grown Vegetables
Mamey Apple aka Apricot and other Fruits!

St. Croix US Virgin Islands

Beautiful Vegetables!
And then there were the CRABS! I can't eat them but I was fascinated by them.

Mr. CRAB! Looking at Me!

Crabs in a Barrel not, their in a Cage.
These crabs were looking at me and wiggling their - I guess antennas or eyes?

Continue to view my visit to St. Croix VI Vegetable and Fish MarketĀ on a Saturday. Enjoy the rest.

How about a bit of honey? Love cinnamon!
More fruits and vegetables! Love the sweet potatoes!
Seasonings and Hot Sauce
I hope you enjoyed my photographs and information about my visit to the Vegetable Market.
Dr. Denise Bennerson, photographer and story teller

The wheel bend and the story end


Copyright 2017 - Denise Bennerson


Photographs and story copyright 2017 Dr. Denise Bennerson

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