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Bottom Line up Front

  • The most professional and personable moving company in your area
  • Offer different packages to specifically serve your unique needs and desires
  • ALL items will go through the most extensive inventory system around, ensuring ALL of your belongings are transferred and handled with care

Target Market

  • Major locations: Charlottesville, Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, Staunton
  • Major groups: Basic residential mover, retirement homes/senior citizen communities, military members, designers, realtors, and developers

Business Model

  • Moving both residential and commercial
  • Storage, not just for random customers, but also for interior designers and realtors
  • Staging for realtors
  • Contract deliveries and interior designer deliveries
  • Local furniture store deliveries
  • Basic Assembly
  • Packing services
  • Removals

Value Proposition

  • The stress of moving has been compared to the death of a close family member, believe it or not
  • During such a stressful time, you don't also want to have added stress due to unprofessional services
  • Afton Mountain Movers are the pros in the industry and will make your move as stress free as possible!

Product Mix: Senior moves/Retirement homes

  • Offer base rate for retirement home jobs with added rate for distance of move.
  • Offer packing services early, where a crew arrives earlier than 24 hours before the actual move to pack.

Product Mix: Military Moves

  • Offer free packing services as these moves generally do not involve as much packing

Product Mix: White glove services

  • Offer white glove/shoe cover for every job; whenever it involves furniture with interior designers white gloves will be used no matter what

What to expect

  • Inventory and sticker every item upon arriving
  • Load every item on to the trucks and pad/protect all items necessary
  • Drive items to warehouse, unload while checking off a bingo sheet insuring all items were successfully transferred
  • Store all the item in the lift van (wooden crate)
  • Upon moving items to the final location, transfer the items out of the lift van to the truck, while checking off another bingo sheet
  • At the final destination, unload all of the items into the customers room of choice, while checking yet another bingo sheet (often times smart to let the customer do these)
  • conduct basic assembly on all furniture items


  • Offer free storage for residential moves up to a certain amount of time, store staging items for realtors and do staging for them, store items for interior designers

Residential moves

  • We offer the safest inventory system to ensure that all of your items stay accounted for throughout the entire moving and storage process


  • Our team at Afton Mountain Movers will always do our best to deliver items at a timely manner when it is most convenient for you

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