The French Culture of Greece. By ANdrew Miget


This educational purposed presentation is about the amazing Greece.

The capital is Athens, Greece.

This country has a very decided language 99% speak the official language Greek. Only 1% speak other languages besides Greece which includes French and English.

Greece is in Southern Europe bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Albania.

The population is 10,773,253 as of July 2016. At birth the average total life expectancy is 80.5 years, for females it is 83.3 years, and males are expected to live 77.9 years.


The major Landforms are mountainous interior, coastal plains, and over 1,400 islands.

Major architectural and geographical landmarks are Mytikas on Mount Olympus( It is the highest point on Greece), Pindus mountains (Extends from northwest Greece to Peloponnese), the Ionian islands and the Aegean islands.

The top five cities in Greece, in order from biggest to smallest in population are Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Iraklio, and Volos.

The major bodies of water are Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Sea of Crete, and Ionian Sea.


Greece experiences a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and wet, mild, winters. Northern Greece has an exception it has a continental climate and has colder winters.

The average yearly rain fall is 400 Millimeters.

The average temperature in Greece is 17.5 degrees Celsius.

Climate affects business because of their Mediterranean climate, many immigrants have come in, most unemployed, but they make up 1 fifth of the work force. Greece is going debt for having so many unemployed integrates and the people not letting them cut the benefits to pay the debt they owe. The entire country being in debt is bad business.


Their government type is a parliamentary republic.

The major religions of Greece is the official Country religion Greek Orthodox, and then 1.3% are Muslim, and 0.7% are other.

The Major ethnic groups are 93% Greek and 7% is Foreigners. ( 2001 Census) Greece does not collect ethnic data so this was based off of citizenship.

National traditions are dances such as hasapiko, tsamiko, and kalamatiano which are usually performed at weddings.
Ash Monday is 41 days before Easter and is the beginning if Lent. Athenians gather on Philopappou Hill. While the Greeks eat meatless food, fly Kites, and celebrate Koulouma.

The top three holidays are Ash Monday ( 41 days before Easter), Easter (Holy Friday to Easter Monday) , and Night of Resurrection.(Midnight before Easter.)

On the night of Resurrection(midnight before Easter Sunday) is celebrated with fire works and candles.

During Easter ( Holy Friday to Easter Monday ) Greeks eat barbecued lamb and celebrate by singing and dancing all day long on Easter Sunday.

Interesting Greece

The interesting Greece's Trading Partners are Germany, Italy UK, USA, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Russia, and South Korea.

The Flag of Greece has nine blue (5) and white (4) horizontal stripes placed at equal intervals. The nine strips are to represent the nine syllables in the phrase, " this phrase means Freedom of Death."

The hospitals for Health concerns is that the staff are well trained but may speak no or little English and healthcare and insurance do not go overseas. The clinics may lack medical equipment such as medication and hiring a private nurse is recommended. There are however a few insurances that will cover overseas so that should be checked.

Special laws are that cans of pepper spray are illegal, illegal drugs have severe consequences, photographing military installation is illegal, you may be detained for not having passport on you at all times.

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