Photography Portfolio By Estelle

Things are much different up close. It just takes a deeper view to uncover the truth of the picture.
Capturing the little details of a place filled with wonder. Kampsville, Illinois has so many things to discover.
To take a portrait you have to go deeper with your subject. That means you need to learn about your subject. You need to take many perspectives about someone, so their full self is shown.
There is value in every emotion, it just takes the right filter to bring it out.

When I was photographing Stella, I really wanted to bring out the emotion in her. I wanted to bring out the sensitive side of her and the complicated person she is. I wanted the american flag incorporated in the photo, because there is so much history with the flag and it's a sensitive subject for many people. My goal with this piece of art was to show people what was underneath the skin. Stella is a cheery, fun, girl who has a sensitive side to her, but you wouldn't know it without looking underneath the skin. The american flag is a symbol of patriotism and freedom, but looking underneath the skin has allowed me to see a more sensitive, history with the flag.

History has it's eyes on you!
The right placement can really make a product look cool. It's all about the lighting, and angle.
With the click of a button, any thing can be changed. Color can be added and the mode can be changed.
Step through a world of wonder at Kampsville.

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