The Conductivity of Different Metals By Shifaa Syed

The Conductivity of Different Metals

Electrical Conductivity:

Silver: 62,1; Copper: 58,5; Gold: 44,2; Aluminium: 36,9; Molybden: 18,7; Zinc: 16,6; Lithium: 10,8; Tungsten: 8,9; Brass: 15,9; Carbon: 5,9; Nickel: 14,3; Iron: 10,1; Palladium: 9,5; Platinium: 9,3; Tin: 8,7; Bronze: 7,4; Carbon steel: 5,9; Lead: 4,7; Titanium: 2,4; Steel: 1,32; Mercury: 1,1

The Different Conductivity of Canadian Coins

Copper has the third highest conductivity. So, to find out which coin has the highest conductibility, one must look at how much copper are in Canadian coins.

Different Canadian coins.

Penny's are 4.5% copper, Nickle's are 3.5% copper, Dimes are 5.5% copper, Quarters are 3.8% copper, Loonies are 0% copper, and Toonies are 92% copper (of the inner core).

The two coins with the highest amount of copper are Dimes and Toonies, which will also have the highest conductibility.

Testing the Conductivity of Different Coins:

If one were to conduct an experiment to show which coin has the highest conductibility, they would need a circuit, a few coins, and an ohmmeter.

A Multimeter.

Materials: -1 Canadian Toonie -1 Canadian Loonie -1 Canadian Quarter -1 Canadian Dime -1 Canadian Nickel -1 Canadian Penny -2 Positive wires -2 Negative wires -1 Battery -1 Multimeter/Ohmmeter

Procedure: 1. Connect wires to the battery and coin 2. Put in the Ohmmeter and measure the resistance 3. Record your findings

In the circuit above, it shows an Ohmmeter with a resistance of 500, a current of 1mA, and a voltage of 9. If one were to find the conductivity, they would put the red and black test heads on the coin. The coins with the least resistance would have the highest conductibility.


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