Lies By First Blood

Silence Is Betrayal

2010 | Metal

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“If at first you don't succeed, then lie and lie and lie again. -- The culture of deceit that filters down through all society."


  • First Blood is an American hardcore punk band from San Francisco, California, formed in 2002.
  • The band has toured with Ignite, Comeback Kid, The Red Chord, Sick of It All, Stretch Arm Strong, Full Blown Chaos, Since the Flood and Death Before Dishonor.
  • Vocalist Carl Schwartz is the only original member still performing.


Luke Tatum

Once you "awaken" to the truth of Austrian economics and the principles of liberty, it gives you a whole new way of seeing the world. You can cut right to the heart of the news in a way that those around you often can't. Is information withheld so that the young minds under the ostensibly nurturing wing of the state education system may grow only along certain lines? You bet it is. I may have commented on this in our write-ups before, but I think it bears repeating. There is a way to use a free app to access the audiobooks from your local public library, if they participate in the program. "Cool," I thought, "This will let me save some money and see what econ and history books I might want to read without spending money up front." So I searched for Mises. Zero hits. Rothbard? Zero. Hoppe? Zero. There are a couple of sympathetic history works on there, but absolutely nothing from the rich intellectual tradition known as the Austrian School of Economics. Oh, but I'm sure our wise overlords are just making an innocent mistake here. Right?

Sherry Voluntary

“Then lie and lie and lie again, the culture of deceit that filters down through all society, that if at first you don't succeed, then lie and lie and lie again.”

The lyric above seems to describe the political cycle pretty well. Politicians tell people what they want to believe and encourage fear of the other side. They sell people a bill of goods based on what they know they want for their lives and then once they get power, they do whatever they need to do to retain that power by giving their base just enough of what they want to keep them hooked. All the while growing their personal power and by extension the power of The State. "

Nicky P

"If at first you don't succeed, then lie and lie and lie again." This line hit's me so hard. It encapsulates why bucking the system and teaching people the truth is so hard. The lie is a bumper sticker that has been routinely refined over the past hundred years that I know of. It's like advertising. Some people might buy with the first ad but that's only part of the ads job it's to narrow down audience for re-targeting and definition. 5 ads later conversion rates go up and you know exactly how to manipulate your audience. Imagine a hundred years at creating propaganda which is advertising by a different name. Imagine how efficient you could be at tailoring your message to every market. Sure technology changes but sales is sales, you just retool for the medium. I recommend going out and reading Influence by Cialidini. I thought it was mind-blowing and it even carries some tools to help recognize and resist when people are using influence techniques on you.

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Nicky P