Frog´s Tounge Newsela Artical



I just read a frog´s tonge on Newsela by the Washington post.It was about how a frog´s tounge caut it´s prey.

Frogs catch their prey by sticking out it´s tounge and wraping it´s tounge around it.

First, the frog wraps it´s tounge around the insect.

Second, the frog´s saliva turns from it´s normal state, (over-chewed gum feeling), to a more liquified state, (honey feeling).

Third, the frog´s ¨honey¨ saliva seeps into the bug´s shell. Then the ¨honey¨ saliva turns to the ¨over-chewed gum¨ state and dilodges the bug´s organs and bones to kill the bug.

Last, the frog returns his toung into his mouth along with the bug. The frog eats the bug. This all happens in an amazing 40 miliseconds.

I hope you enjoied the presintation!

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