MiddleState PITCH DECK

We are a champion for the undefined creative community of the San Joaquin Valley. We will give it a name that nobody will forget.

The MiddleState is a community of sharp, unique-thinkers, and ambitious do-ers. Our mission is to tell their stories, showcase their skills and celebrate the diverse creative talents that exist right here at home. It's time we unshackle ourselves from the expectations and acceptance of the well-defined creative communities in the Bay Area and Los Angeles and learn to embrace what we are growing here.

The Problem

Local media outlets don't know how to speak to us, the mass media inundates us with garbage and social networks are filled unreliable and irrelevant content.

Our creative community in the Valley exists only partially in view without any defined group to belong. By instinct, creative folks gravitate toward one another and without a unified purpose here in the San Joaquin Valley, many gravitate North and South.

The Solution

The MiddleState will give the San Joaquin Valley creative community a name. Our mission is simple, to tell meaningful stories about creative folks who are shaping the new San Joaquin Valley aesthetic. We want to define our creative community and put a name to it.

Our primary product will be a weekly newsletter filled with concise, human-centered stories celebrating great achievements of creativity, creative opportunities and showcasing events that our MiddleState community will want to to attend.

Our secondary product will be a long-format journalism magazine, plucking our favorites stories from each quarter and expanding on them with brilliant photography, video and full feature stories.

How do we make MiddleState?

  • www.middlestate.com will land people at the email newsletter signup page.
  • Once people signup by simply submitting their email address they will receive an automated email that will welcome them to the club and introduce our mission to define the creative community of the San Joaquin Valley.
  • We will partner with groups like Bitwise, Sound N Vision, etc. to share our link and get their respective communities involved.
  • Every week we will deliver between 5-8 concise, fun and engaging stories by way of an email newsletter that will link to stories on our Medium page (or perhaps our own website).
  • They will be given a personal email link that they can share with friends to sign up. If they get 10 people to sign up they will receive a free MiddleState T-shirt.
  • As we build momentum and finish up the first six months of work, we will crowdfund the printed publication. (rewards = T-shirts, stickers, buttons, tickets to events, etc.)
  • We will sell three sponsorships for the printed publication. They will only have their logo on the inside cover and there will be no advertising.
  • When our email subscription reaches a number worthy, we will sell a sponsorship to the email. How many businesses would pay to reach 10,000 to 50,000 young, educated and motivated adults per week in the San Joaquin Valley?
  • We start to throw co-sponsored events and meetups in communities and build a true shared connection throughout the Valley.
  • We are officially the platform for our creative community in the MiddleState to voice their opinion and have a say on the identity of our Valley.


Coming 2017

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