Saint Motel- Motion Picture Show Tour Reviewed by Camille Shiffer

On February 18th 2020 the band Saint Motel made a pit stop at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio. They are currently on their tour titled the "Motion Picture Show" tour titled from their most recent album. The band saint motel consists of members A.J. Jackson (pianist/vocalist), Aaron Sharp (guitarist), Dak Lerdamornpong (bass), and Greg Erwin (drummer).

Newport Music hall stage set for Saint Motel

As the doors opened at 7:00 pm the freezing cold fans all rushed inside to get their best spot in the pit. As the fans waited patiently, after watching the show opener "Kolars" saint Motel finally hit the stage at approximately 9:15 pm. The theme of the tour was a "motion picture" so to the begin the show one of the band members made his grand entrance onstage in an inflatable dinosaur costume while playing the guitar. Not only that, but he was also accompanied by the Jurassic Park theme song. As fans got excited from this teaser the blights all went down and Saint Motel's entrance music began to play. A voice over the speakers began to speak acting as the narrator for the "movie" we were about to watch. All the band members were interacting with this, especially lead singer, A.J. Jackson who stood out in front of the crowd acting as one of the characters from the story. As the background lights flashed and music started to amp up Saint Motel began their show.

Lead singer A.J. Jackson performing and playing the piano

Although their tour is based off of their newest album titled "The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Pt. 1", Saint Motel did a great job of incorporating songs from their most recent albums, while also including their older songs that are fan favorites. Although Saint Motel has a few slower songs they also did a good job of balancing out the hype and dancing songs with the slower, more calmed down songs.

A shot of the whole band performing in the same area on stage while performing one of their older songs

Towards the middle of the show, the lights all stopped again and the narrator continued his story. he talked about being in outer space and how the main character of the story was getting ready to set off into space. A huge life raft with lights on the side appeared from the side of the stage and was held in the crowd. This life raft had been ,made to look like a space ship. As this raft was being held by the crowd lead singer A.J. Jackson came out in a space suit. As soon as he walked out the crowd knew exactly what was about to happen. He climbed into the raft and crowd surfed on this "spaceship" all across the crowd.

Saint Motel performing on of their most popular hits "Move"

Saint Motel really knows how to put on a show. They were all extremely active in the audience, constantly coming down into the crowd and were highly encouraging to the crowd to sing along and interact with the songs. For several songs A.J. Jackson taught the audience some of the parts so that we could all sing them together. Additionally saint motel made it very clear what their values were. After their second song they told the audience to look at the people next to them and introduce ourselves to each other so that we could all experience this show together with the people around us. saint Motel created a very fun and unique friendly environment that can be hard to give off to a big crowd of people.

Lead singer A.J. Jackson performing saint Motel's song "Destroyer"

Overall, saint motel's performance was over the top. it was obvious how much thought had been put behind each setup to each song and how hard they had worked to put together this show. The environment that saint Motel created for the audience is one like no other and definitely something that every concert fan should experience.