Diary cover design Journal entry 1

The Australian Red Cross

-Clients- who has the communication need?

Australian red cross is charity organisation and a leading humanitarian aid based in Australia and it provides a range of services and programs including blood donations, migration support, emergency management, and international aid across the Asia-Pacific region, and it supports people and empowers communities to reduce suffering across Australia and internationally by mobilizing the power of humanity.

-Audience- for whom are you designing?

I am designing this for the kids who have weakness in their physical or mental ability or the one who have diseases.

-Purpose- what is the purpose of the visual communication?

The purpose of it is to raise money for the charity and therefore the cover design needs to attract the target audience. it also needs to entice the people to purchase the diary. the cover also should advertise the red cross when people see it.

-Context- where will the visual communication be used?

it will be seen at the shops before purchase when in use it might be seen at woolworths, Big W, Kmart. And the people will be using it at the libraries, schools, classroom, offices, meetings.

-Constraints- what restrictions are there?

• The diary cover needs to be innovative.

•Artworks must be 210 mm x 296 mm (landscape) plus 3 mm bleed with crop marks as the total size.

• Front and back. So the artwork would be divided into the front and back cover are 210 mm x 148 mm (portrait).

• The diary will be spiral bound, so don’t put any critical information 5mm on either side of the binding area.

• Colours must be CMYK. No RGB files will be accepted.

• High resolution print quality artwork as a PDF.

• Files must be 300 dpi.

• Files must be no more than 8 Mb.

-Timeline-Create a timeline of the portfolio project incorporating your planned stages of the design process in InDesign and convert it into a JPEG to upload to Adobe Spark.



client – investigate the clients’ background and existing products or services.

They provide services:

•For older people

•NDIS services

•Mental health services

•Homelessness services

•For children and families

•For young people

•For people in the justice system

Audience – observe the target audience in order to understand trends and preferences.

The target audience are the people who have weakness and the disability in their physical or mental ability.

Products – investigate direct competition to the product or service, future trends, new materials, community attitudes.

Fashion & Accessories (Winter clothes)

Bath & Body (Towel, soap, cream etc)

Kitchen & Dining (Mugs, Salad servers, jams, BBQ sauces etc)

Garden & Outdoors

Books & Stationery

Emergency & First Aid (First Aid Kit)

Calendars & Gift Cards

-Inspiration – collect visual information to inspire new concepts (hint: check out other diaries plus including ones created by other institutions around the world).

-Source – where did you find the information?

I have found all of the information from the Australian Red Cross website https://www.redcross.org.au/

Images sources:

Lynn Bruce, (nd), school diary design covers [Image], retrieved from https://www.pinterest.se/pin/56224695323329622/?autologin=true

alliesinteractive, (2017), school diary cover page design [Image], retrieved from https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/template-of-diary-cover-with-orange-geometric-shapes_1026698.htm

Ziggies Educational Supplies, (2018), innovative teachers companion [image], retrieved from https://www.ziggies.net.au/product/innovative-teachers-companion-early-years-2018-loose-leaf/

-Description – what is the research?

The research is about Australian Red Cross and what it can provides to the people for example the facilities, products, their donations around the world. Also their different community services for older people, families, young people, and the children.

-Annotations: Explain what the information or images mean to you and how they effect the direction of your design.

The inspirations that I have found are pretty useful to how I will be designing my diary cover. The ideas that I will give is to make geometric shapes in the cover like rectangles and triangles to make it look like simple and neat.

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Rafi Yousif

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