US military vs Great Plains Indians

Causes of war-

The main reason for the war was that the US wanted the Indian land. They believed that they should take the land because they will make it more productive. Indians viewed the US as invaders now.

Battle of Sand creek massacre-1864-

The southern Cheyenne occupied some of the land in Colorado. After many gruesome attacks on wagon trains and eastern settlers, the governer of Colorado took advantage of a peace campaign led by chief Black Kettle.

Colonel John Chivingtim, now winless saw his oppurtunity and attacked on the Cheyenne camp. His men ended up killing between 150-500 people, while Black Kettle frantically tried to surrender and make peace.

Battle of Little Bighorn-1876-

In June of 1876, Custer was sent to round up the Indians. He moved near Little Bighorn river which is now Montana. There he met pure Sioux fury. 2,000 warriors were gathered on the Indian Plains, the biggest by the Indians The Sioux destroyed the Union and killed Custer and more than 200 other men.

This battle stunned Americans. The Union sent many troops to the areas and easily moved the Indians back to their reservations. The main reason they gave up was because they were starving. Some Sioux men escaped to Canada, but many went to the reservations.

Battle of Wounded Knee-1890-

Many spiritual traditions were starting to surface throughout the Indian culture. Even to the Sioux tribe that was still adjusting to the reservation life. One of the biggest spiritual rituals was the Ghost Dance. All Native Americans kept dancing the Ghost Danve in prayer for their original lives to be back to normal.

Soldiers took this dance as a threat and started to get worried. They called for help, and tried arresting Sitting Bull. When he refused they shot and killed him. When Native Americans heard, many of his followers rallied against the soldiers. Soldiers heard a gunshot then and started firing their weapons killing more than 200 Sinoux. This ,massacre was the end to the major episodes of violence between the US and the Plain Indians.

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