Whataburger team member The start of an amazing journey

Whataburger University

Training requirements for Whataburger include both in kitchen training as well as a prestigious online program called Whataburger University. Must get double handwashing certified and food handling safety certified in this process. This process can take well over a month to fully complete. There are no set qualifications for getting a job other than an age requirement of 16 years. Advancements can lead you from team member to team leader to manager.

Whataburger early morning shift

The nature of the work is fast food preparation and service. Possibilities for positions include: DT Grill, DI Grill, DT Board, DI Board, DT window, DT OT, Expedite, Front counter, B Lane Runner, Fry Master, DT Bubble, and a variety of small on shift jobs such as washing dishes and doing inventory.

Job Outlook

Currently all stores in North Texas are seeking new employees as many stores are understaffed. Percentage of applicants hired is 21%(on average).

Projections Data

The fast food business is increasing its hiring by 10% each year.

Average starting pay is now $9 an hour

Related occupations include:

  • Fast food worker
  • Restaurant worker
  • Cashier

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