Jeremy Cain's Genius Hour How can I advance my edits in Sony Vegas?

Blog Post 1

The year for my Genius Hour project I have chosen to see how I can improve my editing skills in Sony Vegas. This is important to me because I really enjoy editing videos and making them look much better in Sony Vegas. My goals in this project are too really learn more about the special effects in Sony Vegas that I can add on top of the stuff I have learned from last year. I will measure my goals by each week trying to learn a new tool or two in Sony Vegas and practicing it for my final product. I really excited to continue learning more about Sony Vegas and see what I can produce for this years genius hour project.

Blog Post 2

This week I have learned from my source is how to use velocity to sync my edit up to the song. I did use this same tool last year so I am pretty use to this tool I just needed to review it and see if any changes have been made to this tool. This is the foundation to any edit you do so I really needed to learn and review this first before I try to learn any other special effects to add to the edit. I used a YouTube video for my source this week and next week I plan to start looking into some special effects to add to my edits.

Blog Post 4

This week I used YouTube video for a source that explain more in depth on using bumps and flashes to and effects to the edit. A beat pump is really needed to make the beats in the song really pop. A beat pump basically is on beats on the song the screen will move to add effect on the edit and beats. The flashes are basically the same thing you add them on the beats to add effect. Flashes can be distracting if you add to many to your edit cause it is a big flash of light so you don't want to overload your edit with flashes. I have started my final product already which is going to be a edit about a minute or two cod edit. I might make two if I have enough time.

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