Blum's Landing By:Madeline Lank

Blum's landing is a bed and breakfast retreat for people who have been injured while serving our country and for their family members. This place was inspired by Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg because when he went off to war he asked his parents if he didn't come back to take care of his fellow soldiers. His parents did this by creating a bed-an-breakfast place called Blum's landing.

The shelter offers a great kayaking experience! They also have excellent fishing spots. Canoeing and paddleboat are two other fun ideas of what you can do there.

The organization was on steve harvey's show!

Blum's Landing was featured on WBKB's TV station!

They have a 12 acres of land at the retreat.

Soldiers get to stay at this retreat with no charge!

Trevor had served in Iraq, Korea, and Afghanistan. Trevor unfortunately died in Iraq in 2003.

The retreat is only minutes away from Lake Huron

They have a dog named Scrappy at the retreat.

Anyone can donate to help out our nation's heroes at

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Mady Lank


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