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The Full Moon takes place around two weeks after the New Moon and is a time of heightened emotions, for climaxes and conclusions, and when you receive answers, including to questions posed at the previous New Moon. The Full Moon is also an important time for forgiveness, to practise gratitude and to release negativity. The sign the Full Moon is in can also be used to support any efforts you’re making to live consciously and in tune with the Universe.

Full Moon Forgiveness

The way to release upset and break karma between you and someone else is forgiveness. This is something you can do at any time; however, the end of the year and every Full Moon are super-powerful times for it.

The collective energy for releasing is so high at the end of the year, as people all over Western world prepare to turn a page in their life. They know that one chapter is ending, an another beginning. Even if the end of the year is a man-made demarcation, the combined focus that we all put on it creates a powerful energetic charge.

Then there is the energy at the time of the monthly Full Moon. As you might know the Moon is all about emotions, and the Moon is the Queen of Emotions. As the Moon swells, so do our emotions – they come to the surface to be dealt with. The following formula, inspired by the work of Catherine Ponder and taken from her book Moonology, can help with both forgiveness and karma release.


Say this out loud during the Full Moon

“I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realising this, I abide in peace.

I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs and relationships. I learn my lessons and move on. I call on my soul fragments to be cleansed by the Full Moon and I call on them to rejoin me. I send love to myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. Under this glorious Full Moon, I am healed. My life is healed.

And so it is. So be it”.

Make peace with the past

In order to release something, we need to process it. We can’t just hope it’ll disappear by itself. We need to feel it and make peace with it, and only then can we discharge it from our body, our energetic and emotional bodies and our life, so that we’re ready to welcome in the year ahead.

So fill in the blanks:

Releasing the past

  • The first thing, person or situation I want to release from my life is...
  • The lesson I learned from this is...
  • Even though this happened, I truly and deeply love and approve of myself. The second thing, person or situation I want to release from my life is...
  • The lesson I learned from this is...

Moons & Hormones

During our female hormone cycles, we'll go through four seasons during a course of the month.

For example, PMS and Period week equals Autumn and Winter. During these two weeks, especially if this aligns with the full moon, you may feel drained and sensitive. For me personally, I refrain for the gym, seeing friends and avoid anything that will be taxing on me physically and emotionally. Instead I opt for Epsom baths, early nights, treat myself to nice food and light hearted films or comedies. It is our time to take the foot off the brakes.

If you have children, this can be more difficult, but see where you can lighten the load.

During the next cycle, 14 days after your period, this is the time when you have more energy. So the following fortnight is Spring and Summer. This is the time to hit the gym hard, party, socialise and get projects moving. If this aligns with the New Moon, even better. You'll have double the power!

Get them intentions written and kick some arse!!!

Essential Oils to use during Full Moon

You can mix with other oils in diffusers, or inhale from palms, or even apply directly to your chakras. I'll cover more about application in blogs and/or in my newsletters.

Myrrh "the oil of Mother Earth" is an ancient scent, associated with spirituality and centeredness. It is often paired with Frankincense, which is associated with the Sun, making the Moon-ruled Myrrh its counterpoint. The two together are powerfully symbolic and smell wonderful, but can easily be used on their own as well.

Cardamom "the oil of objectivity". Although the sweet spice is governed by Venus, rather than the Moon. It is associated with intimacy, lust and romance, feelings that are often heightened at the Full Moon.

Eucalyptus "the oil of wellness" is perhaps one of the most common essential oils and can be found in many skin care products and candles. It’s fresh, uplifting scent is associated with the Moon and health. Eucalyptus essential oil supports the soul, and can address deep emotional or spiritual issues, especially if you are someone who keeps getting sick.

Sandalwood "the oil of sacred devotion" is a powerful scent associated with purification and spirituality. The plant is ruled by the Moon and is also often used in incense or burned directly in wood form.

Ylang Ylang "the oil of the inner child" is a great substitute for Rose when finances do not cooperate, as it too is ruled by Venus and has a sweet, floral scent. This flower is associated with romance, lust and sexuality, but also lends peace and calm to any atmosphere.

About me

Thank you for reading this guide. I am someone who loves to align with the Moon energy. As an Empath, I feel closely linked to the ebb and flow of Mother Earth and Moon cycles. These cycles create stirs within me, thus I have no choice other than to down tools and take a breath and connect in. This is why I partner with essential oils, bath salts, crystals and anything else I can get my mits on.

Moon time triggers or reminds us that we can take a pause and actually be the co-creators of our lives. Life is happening for us, not to us, as the great Abraham Hicks says.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about oils, manifesting, healing or would simply like to join my mailing list where I share my journey and wisdom on such topics, please get in touch.

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