Dreams By Amberly

Universal theme: DreamS can be bad if you dont know when they are unrealistic, not worth it, or harmful.

Of mice & Men

"I'll work my month an' I'll take my fifty bucks an'll stay all night in some lousy cat house . Or I'll set in some pool until ever'body goes home. An' then I'll come back an' work another month an' I'll have fifty bucks more"(Page 95).

In this part of the story George describes what he's going to do now that he see's his dream is not coming true. He becomes the man he continuously said he wouldn't be. Lennie kept their dream alive and even though it seemed like they were really close to their dream, George deep down knew that their dream wouldn't ever really come to be, but he chose to ignore it. Not realizing and truly accepting that their dream was unreachable due to their situation, made it worse when their dreams were shattered. This dream became George's unending nightmare.

The necklace

"She suffered endlessly, feeling she was entitled to all delicacies and luxuries of life"(Page 1).

In this part of the story the author describes part of Madam Loisel's dream. Her dream is to be rich and loved by everyone. It may not seem that her dream was bad but it was. Her dream didn't come true because she wasn't really doing anything to get it. Her dream just made her miserable. It was unreachable because she didnt do anything to get it and it was harmful to her because it made her miserable.

Paper townS

"My miracle was this: out of all the houses in all the subdivisions in all of Florida, I ended up living next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman".
"Margo was absolutely unprecedented in every way".

Quentin dreamed of being with Margo. Since the moment he first saw her he was obsessed and dreamed of being with her. If he had realized that his dream wasn't really possible and it was really not good for him it would of spared him wasting all that time on Margo. He should of known his dream was unreachable because they never really got to know each other well enough he just saw her but never really got to talk to her a lot. His dream that never came true wasted him a lot of time.


The topic of dreams is really important in our society it's what keeps a lot of us going. All of us have had dreams at some point of our lifes. Every dream is either good or bad. Of course we'd all prefer the good dreams, the ones that come true but it's not always like that. A lot of the times are dreams don't come true but it's because we aren't thinking of some very important factors when dreaming. Asking ourselves if our dream is reachable, worth it, or harmful are some of the most important factors we need to think about when evaluating a dream. We can eliminate a lot of the bad dreams and make a lot of dreams come true if we know when dreams are unrealistic, not worth it, and harmful.

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