Indian call centers Leon incorporated


Indias huge population

India has a huge population of 1,326,801,576 it his the second most populated country in the world.

India does not only have a big population but a very big urban population as well, its urban population is number two in the world behind China.

Indias population makes up 30% of the world but Indias children makes up 29% of Indias population which is a huge amount of people. 29% of Indias total population is around 377,000,000 children

A school in India school

71% of India can read and wright

Most call centers in India you only make around 2 U.S dollar per hour

One of the biggest call centers company is IMB which is a American based country

Their are approximately 325.441 million people using the internet

India has a work force of 513.7 million people

The unemployment rate is 8.4%

India is 507 billion dollars in dept

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