Superintendent's Memo december 12, 2016


Week of December 12 - 16, 2016

Monday - Teaching and Learning Council

Tuesday - Board Meeting & Board Dinner at 6pm

Wednesday - Catalyst School Visit 10:00 pm, Principals Nuts & Bolts meeting, Admin Social

Thursday - Antonia Crater school visit 9:30am, Secondary Assistant Principal Professional Development, DO Holiday Lunch

Friday - CVMS Visit 10am

ODOT bypass contractor hosts NHS engineering students

Learning to support teens

Despite the weather warnings, an audience of over 40 people including parents, staff, youth and guests, gathered to better understand how to support teens experiencing grief, depression or thoughts of suicide. Representatives from the Dougy Center and other local agencies did an incredible job explaining how parents and others adults can communicate in effective ways with teens in times of grief. They talked about developmental issues, what is typical and what are a-typical behaviors.

Suicide awareness and prevention resources

NHS students assemble food boxes

Keeping Students Connected

Despite the snow we were able to meet with most of our community members invited to strategize on how to keep students connected over the winter break. We will be putting together a packed two-week calendar specifically aimed at students and families. It will provide information on how to access to meals, places to connect socially, where to interact with a positive adult and where they can find activities each day of the break. We are also working on seeing how we can provide transportation around town for students during the two-week window we are out of school. CPRD has generously offered to provide a 1-day pool pass for any students who are interested.

Our goal is to keep kids and families connected positively in the community especially when school is on a break. This team is committed to long-term work throughout the winter and spring to address the community issue of mental health and well-being. As we work thorough these issues together it is encouraging to see school district leaders, community leaders, faith based leaders and county agency leaders all come to the table and work on this very important topic as one community.

Mastering the secondary schedule

Secondary teachers, students, principals and parents begin tackling the school schedule

Friday we are conducted the 1st of 3 meetings to start planning for the changes to the secondary master schedules. Since we have been talking about this for two years and with the State Board’s expectations around student time and schedules, we have compiled a committee of students, parents, teachers and administrators. The group will review survey information and establish criteria around master schedules at the middle and high school level. Our goal is to have this information ready for the second board meeting in January. Given that this also influences the calendar, there will be some specifics that we will hold off on for our 2017-18 and 2018-19 calendars.


Nothing like a little snow to really bring on a little holiday spirit. I want to thank Teresa and her crew for their incredible work this week. The transportation team puts in long hours in anticipation of an incoming storm to ensure safety of our students. Teresa and team began planning for our weather on Wednesday. Drivers are out on our routes, checking out road conditions, monitoring the weather and preparing busses. On Wednesday night, we were still assessing the conditions. While the conditions were shaping up to simply be too treacherous for busses to get kids home safely on Thursday, Teresa and her team were ready for Friday morning. Her day begins often before 3 am. My first communication with her comes at about 4 am when she shares the conditions of our roads. I appreciate her thoughtful consideration to the safety of our kids and our staff.

While I love the beauty of the snow at holiday time, a little is enough for me. I will appreciate our temperatures going up a bit into the 40s this week and back to rain.

Finally, I want to thank all the community leaders who stepped up and braved the weather conditions to meet with Dave, Claudia and I yesterday. We worked hard to compile a calendar of meals, events and activities for our families over the holidays. I hope this supports our students in staying connected to positive adults, social peer circles and basic needs like meals. I was incredibly proud of how the groups worked to problem solve barriers like transportation and cost of activity. It is so incredible to have our community commit to All Means All. At this holiday time, it is especially rewarding to see how committed our community is to service. Thank you all!

Have a great week! Kym


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