Hit Me Your Best Shot Created by freesia huang 9c

Adam Shankman - the producer
Mia Michaels - the choreographer
The strong and powerful Musical Theatre piece ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ was choreographed by the talented Mia Michaels and produced by the clever Adam Shankman in 2012. The choreographic intent is to entertain and compel the audience to believe that the group of Stepford Housewives want to ban Stacee Jaxx from rock’n’roll because it is a bad influence on the society. Movement and Non-Movement components such as; space, energy, costume and set were used to show the hateful emotions. Patricia Whitmore is an ex-groupie of the Rockers and isn’t over her feelings for Stacee Jaxx. Outstanding is not even enough to describe how brilliant this Musical theatre piece was performed.
The movement components space and energy, were exceptionally delivered to the audience. The space commenced at the back of the church hall in a triangle with the lead, Patricia Whitmore front centre. They then moved their way down the centre isle and all split into the different rows on the church pews. There are also two other focus wives that back up Patricia Whitmore. Patricia Whitmore started out with a respectable reputation when trying to make Stacee Jaxx sound evil but in the end, she exhibited a corrupt reputation. The space started with Patricia Whitmore in the front centre since she was the leader of the feminist group. As they moved around the church hall, they performed gun hands and punching actions many times which was the motif. They were showing how much they hated Stacee Jaxx, so much that they aggressively ‘shot’ at him. To evaluate the effectiveness of the dance piece, the space used met the purpose impeccably. They moved throughout the whole church hall which made it appear like there were considerably more people than 9 in the hall.
The energy was powerful and strong throughout the entire dance. The moves that were choreographed by Mia Michaels played a major role in how the energy was presented. The energy started with a strong and percussive use of energy. As they went on with the piece their energy got stronger and stronger and their hate for Stacee Jaxx became more and more noticeable. To evaluate the effectiveness of the dance piece, the energy used met the purpose perfectly. Their hate for Stacee Jaxx became clearer as they continued with the dance. The strong gun hands, punching, high kicks and finger pointed displayed the hatred that the Stepford Wives had towards Stacee Jaxx. Mia Michaels, the choreographer delivered the story to the audience with her unique use of steps which brought out the energy. The energy was definitely one of the most important fragments of the movement components.
The non-movement components costume and set were perfectly thought through with every detail in the right place. The costumes were outstanding and all the ladies definitely looked like what a housewife should look like. They were all wearing various different shades of pastel coloured dresses with white or cream high heel shoes. The hair was styled in puffed up high fringes with their hair out. As this was created in 2012, the fashion was a bit more old fashioned than it is now. The costume worn was without a doubt perfect for the character role. The Stepford Housewives looked interesting and eye catching with all the different colours they were wearing. The costume was simple but effective and it definitely played an important role in how the housewives acted. To evaluate the effectiveness of the dance piece, the costume worn was creative but also very simple. It definitely played a huge role in separating the characters of The Rockers and the Stepford Wives.
The scene was set in a church hall because the women were religious and they have genuinely strong beliefs. The Housewives were surrounded by candelabras, church rows of seats, flowers, a photo of Stacee Jaxx, an organ piano and a podium. There was a lady playing the organ piano which was the main base of the background music. The set was an outstanding set. It was thoughtfully set out and every little detail in the room contributed to the story that was delivered to the audience. To evaluate the effectiveness of the dance piece, the set was like a church hall because all the woman were religious people. The slightest bit of detail such as the flowers was a small touch that made the room colourful and bright. The set was precisely set out and accurately delivered the story to the audience.
In conclusion, the killer Musical Theatre routine ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ was fierce yet mature. Church chaos could be a relative statement on this routine. Patricia Whitmore lead this piece with her church sisters as they presented anger and courage towards Stacee Jaxx. The Movement and Non-Movement components were perfectly executed and the choreographic intent was presented clearly. Overall, the Musical Theatre performance delivered the storyline impeccably.

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