Wella Cares Contest Entry Studio gabriella

Us at Studio Gabriella have always had a place in out hearts for the less fortunate and underprivileged. Ever since Studio Gabriella started we have taken every opportunity we have had to cut and color underprivileged girls hair for free! We do this because we believe that no matter what walk of life you come from, everyone should have the opportunity to feel special, loved, and beautiful.

Being the oldest of nine siblings I have had ample experience with taking care of and loving on others. We try our best at Studio Gabriella to move this mindset into our workplace and into our hearts. One of our core values has always been that every penny should be spent on making every person that walks in, as pretty on the outside as they are on the inside. This mindset goes a long way and our work definitely reflects it! This can have so many benefits ranging from boosted self-confidence to a feeling of heightened self worth that can extend to how they live their life! We have always been enthusiastic and up for the task when it comes to helping out others less privileged than ourselves. We believe that if we have the opportunity to make a difference in a positive way, we’ll go for it!

We recognize the awesome opportunity that the Wella Cares Charity Challenge brings up and we want to take advantage of it! If us at Studio Gabriella won the challenge, we would use every penny of the funds to continue our work with the underprivileged, increase the amount of charity work we do, further broaden our horizons with more options to help out the young women in our community, but most of all-continue to make girls feel as pretty on the outside as they are on the inside!

As a 25 year old business owner I set out to work in five states in five years. Then, I wanted to build a salon in the fifth state and make it dept free. If it weren't for this community, my dreams would have never come true.

Going through some of the hardships that these girls have had to go through has a tendency to make you feel ugly and worthless. You can talk yourself into believing that the girl looking at herself in the mirror is as ugly as she feels on the inside. Help me show these girls that Wella Cares.

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