Moldova is located in Eastern Europe. Romania and Ukraine are the only two bordering countries, so Moldova is a mixture of both Romanian and Ukrainian culture. The eastern part of the country is ruled by Russia. The official language is Romanian.


The capital of Moldova is Chisinau


MAN-MAN: If you are a man and want to greet another man you are going to firmly shake the other man's hand.

WOMAN-WOMAN: In a social situation you should hug and a kiss on the cheek, and say hi, how are you.

MAN-WOMAN: Generally a man shouldn't stop to socialize with a group of women. If during a business meeting or a formal occasion the male will shake her hand. If on a celebratory occasion the man will kiss the woman's hand.

If you are invited as a guest to someone's home you have to bring a gift like a bouquet of flowers or a small cake. Also if you enter the house or apartment you have to take of your shoes to keep the place clean, in most cases the host will give you a special type of slippers to enter the house hold. Another important thing to keep in mind is never to shake hands across the door.

How to say GreetingsĀ In Moldova

(Thank you: Multsumesc)

(Your welcome: Cuplutere)

(Hello: Buna ziwa)

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